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San Diego State Braxton Burmeister
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While we have no need to feature each new rookie in their own artile, it's something that we want to do this season. Yes, of the eventual 90 players who join the Rams Roster (Rams have fewer than that currently), the team will eventually decide on 53 players to carry on the active roster, and another 16 players to carry on the practice squad. Anyone else will be released.

While that will be a difficult moment in the NFL careers of hundreds of young men, now is not that moment. More than 20 young men who did not hear their names called out during the 2023 NFL Draft beat the odds and were signed to the LA Rams roster. One player signed is SD State QB/WR Braxton Burmeister.

The LA Rams may not have an immediate and urgent need for a wide receiver, but the Rams have shown an insatiable appetite for adding new receiving talent to this roster every year. But the story of Braxton Burmeister is a tale worth knowing. Why? You may not hear another like it for many years.

A quick summary

Talk about raw, wide receiver Braxton Burmeister is about as raw as they come. Not to the game of football, mind you. Rather he was a college quarterback throughout his college career. It was not until he played for the San Diego State Aztecs that he cross-trained to the wide receiver position. To his credit, he has been targeted eight times throughout his career but caught just two passes. He did catch the only pass thrown his way in 2022, a 19-yard reception.

What I don't like about this signing

The LA Rams, as is the case with all of the raw rookie prospects added to the roster, might be a bit more ambitious with this team's ability to coach up rookies than practical conditions allow. The Rams have Burmeister listed as a wide receiver, but is that how they plan to truly use him? If it is, will this simply be a repeat of the incredibly athletic TE/WR Jacob Harris? If it is, then this won't end as well as many hope.

What I like about this signing

If the Rams are truly thinking outside of the box, and are adding Braxton Burmeister to the receiver room, then there are many reasons to cheer for the guy. He played two years for Oregon, two years for Virginia Tech, and one season for San Diego State. And he is not only versed in multiple college offenses, but in multiple roles in offenses as well.

He is/was a dual-threat quarterback, putting up 3,283. yards and 20 touchdowns and 14 interceptions passing the football. He also ran 274 times for 1,028 yards and eight touchdowns. He even punted the football once for 51 yards. While none of these college stats jump off the page, the fact that the same player who is listed as an LA Rams wide receiver does jump out.

What I love about this signing

If the LA Rams are planning to have some fun this season, then there are a barrel-of-monkeys worth of entertainment in Braxton Burmeister on the Rams roster. What isn't there to love about a young man who can line up as a receiver, a running back, a quarterback, and even as a spot-duty punter?

Add to the fact that the 6-foot-1 205-pound Burmeister is a native of California, born in La Jolla, California on September 19, 1998, and you have the makings of a young man who wants to do whatever he can to help the team and secure a roster spot. Best of all, he has been coached and mentored by former Cincinnati Bengals QB Akili Smith since elementary school.

What are his chances of making the roster?

As much as I would love him to be part of the LA Rams roster, he has a very uphill battle to make the team. Not all of the cards stacked against him are of his doing, as the Rams haven't the band width to plan ways to make use of Braxton Burmeister's unique talents while simultaneously onboarding 40 rookies simultaneously.

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And that's a shame. He has the potential to be a lot of fun in an NFL offense.