Rams Rumors: Are 3 of the NFLs hottest coaches in Rams sights to fill vacancies?

The LA Rams coaching staff has been raided by other NFL teams once more. But is there twist this year? Could the LA Rams have 3 of the NFLs hottest coaches in their sights to fill coaching vacancies in 2024?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Hot Coach III: A perfect defensive consultant

Has the luster from former New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick truly faded? Or has the modern NFL settled into such a separation of power between the GM and HC that Coach Belichick is no longer suited for the mantle of head coach in that org chart? Well, 22 years of coaching experience for Atlanta Falcons HC Raheem Morris, the guy who beat out Belichick for the job. now claims that he is jealous over how well Less Snead and Bill Belichick work together.

Perhaps a year or two working with the Rams coaching staff could be of some benefit for the veteran coach who has mastered the art of winning Super Bowls, hiring key coaches, and riding the wave of success behind a phenomenal franchise quarterback, but who has new lessons to learn about the NFL.

Bill Belichick has no reason to do anything this season. By all rights, he could spend the upcoming year on a deserted island with no known communication with the outside world, and still appear on the short list of teams seeking a new head coach. But that will have done nothing to improve his stock, and he could find himself getting the same "Thanks, but no thanks," brush off that he was dealt in his quest for a new head coaching role this off-season.

But he can improve his reputation and recover his shiny reputation in a very simple way. Simply agree to show up either physically or virtually as a Rams new coaching or defensive consultant. The benefits to the Rams go on and on. Belichick is as sharp as they come, and his ability to design defenses to halt opposing offenses cold is legendary. It was that ability to detect the vulnerability in the Rams offense that led to the Rams losing to the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.

It was the first time that LA Rams HC Sean McVay was truly humbled.

For Coach Belichick, the association alone with Coach McVay will refresh and revitalize his candidacy for the next wave of coaching hires in 2025. Better still, an ability to learn from GM Les Snead on how to establish an effective rapport and lines of communication with existing personnel staff could be all that is needed to place him back into a head coaching seat in 2025.