Senior Bowl Director Jim Nagy believes 2025 NFL Draft class will be deep

Reese's Senior Bowl, Jim Nagy
Reese's Senior Bowl, Jim Nagy / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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When Jim Nagy speaks, NFL fans should listen

Jim Nagy is a great social media personality that I recommend that everyone follows. Not only is he the Senior Director of the annual Reese Senior Bowl, but he is a generous draft analyst/expert who is constantly apprising fans of the qualities and characteristics of individual players as well as more ambitious undertakings that discuss an entire draft class.

In this recent Tweet (can we still refer to them as Tweets?), Nagy comments on the depth of the upcoming 2025 NFL Draft class. in one word, he gives the perfect expert commentary on next year's draft: Deep.

While that may make the cost of trading up for DL Braden Fiske in the 2024 NFL Draft seem pricier, keep in mind that the Rams still hold seven picks in the 2025 NFL Draft: One pick on Day 1, two picks on Day 2, and four picks on Day 3. Over time, as the team strategizes for that draft, the team could add more picks with trades.

In 2023, the Rams selected 14 rookies. In 2024, the Rams selected 10 more rookies. Ignoring the impact of free agency, the Rams have added 24 players to the roster in just two drafts. With seven more picks in 2025 and in 2026, the team is on track to draft 38 players over the course of four seasons. That's quite a large number.

The number or location of picks is not the story though. The real story of any draft is the quality of players added. In 2023, the Rams selected five starters. In 2024, the team likely has added an equal number of starters. Based on this new information about the quality and quantity of NFL prospects available in the 2025 NFL Draft, there is no reason to expect less next year as well.

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