Sharp Football stats point to huge problem, now here's how Rams fix it

Puka Nacua, Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams
Puka Nacua, Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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How can Rams receivers get stickier hands in 2024?

For Kupp, the answer is pretty simple. Get healthy. Stay healthy. In similar fashion, Puka Nacua's second season in this offense should organically result in a material improvement in his catch rate. For Kupp, he improved from a rookie catch rate of 66.0 percent to a second-year catch rate of 72.7 percent. It makes sense to project similar improvement to his padawan, Puka Nacua.

Okay, so we are claiming that the Rams offense is already on track to improve that alarming rate of receiver error on pass incompletions. But can this team take a more proactive approach? In one word, yes.

We pointed to the fact that veteran WR Demarcus Robinson held the surest hands in 2023, despite only getting involved in this offense late in the season. Simply by getting him involved sooner in 2024, and targeting him consistently, his ability to catch passes will improve Stafford's completion rate as well. After all, the offense learned too late in the season that Robinson was a natural fit for this offense, and tried to correct that oversight by getting him more involved late in the season.

But there are more forces at work too. With the team's investment into a strong offensive line (re-signed Alaric Jackson, Kevin Dotson, and signed Jonah Jackson), a new skyscraper at tight end (Colby Parkinson), and a huge addition to the running back room (Blake Corum), the offense will be able to place plenty of stress on opposing defenses.

If the Rams can dictate the terms of when, where, and how far their passing plays are used, they can maintain a significant advantage over defenses in terms of completions. And if the team takes a path of deploying both running backs simultaneously, Stafford's completion rate may skyrocket as Kyren Williams is a sure-handed receiver.

The Rams receivers are not poor performers as reflected in Sharp Football's latest statistics. But those Sharp Football stats point to a huge problem on offense. Diagnosing the problem is half the battle, the Rams are already on the road to recovery and fixing the matter.

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