Tankathon latest 3 round mock draft proves Rams have bright future ahead of them

With a 3-6 record heading into their Week 10 BYE week, the LA Rams latest 2024 3-Round mock draft from Tankathon is an incredible haul.
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Round 1 - 6th overall pick

The LA Rams and Rams fans have felt a bit lost since the retirement of veteran left tackle Andrew Whitworth. Not only was Whitworth one of the best offensive left tackles in the NFL, he was the leader of the LA Rams offensive line. After a disastrous 2019 OL performance, Whitworth gathered the offensive linemen to his home gym during the pandemic to ensure that everyone remained in NFL playing shape.

But Whitworth retired at the apex of his career. He not only helped the team to win Super Bowl LVI, but he was also the recipient of the NFL's prestigious Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

While 2023 NFL Draft prospect Joe All from Notre Dame would enter the NFL as a rookie, his potential has many NFL GMs, scouts, analysts, and pundits licking their chops and naming him as a franchise left tackle. Coincidentally, that is certainly one of the positions that the Rams will most certainly want to address with their first-round pick, particularly if Alt is still on the draft board.

Rams have no better ALTernative in Round 1

So why would the Rams dare to go for a left tackle in Round 1 of 2024 NFL Draft, while the sting of missing badly in 2014 by drafting OT Greg Robinson out of Auburn with the second overall pick. At the time, many NFL scouts loved Robinson as well. The difference is that there was not a significant reliance upon data analytics at the time. Now? Scouting reports include not just personal assessments, but an entire array of data that covers a prospects entire NCAA career.

NFL Draft Buzz profile. Joe Alt. 6. 51. PFN Draft profile. Offense Tackle. Joe Alt. Joe All Draft Profile. Notre Dame. player

Alt is a polished offensive lineman who stands as tall as a mountain but exhibits the athleticism and finesse of a superhero. Rising to a height of 6-foot-8 and weighing in a 315 pounds, there are few in the NFL that Joe Alt looks up to. But everyone looks to Joe Alt to be a Day 1 starter in the NFL. The only true question for Rams fans is, just how good will he be?

With Rams LG Steve Avila developing this season, the Rams can double down on the left side of their offensive line with the addition of Joe Alt in 2024. The offensive left tackle position, also known as the blind side tackle, is a critical component for any LA Rams championship roster. Joe Alt would be a significant upgrade, and would give the Rams offense the physicality and elite potential to dominate the NFL for years to come.