The LA Rams current situation may seem dark, but look at all the rising stars

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers, Sean McVay / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

When it comes to the LA Rams (3-6) this season, there are many ways to assess this team's progress so far. Of course, with a losing record after the BYE, the likelihood that you may be disappointed in the team so far, and pessimistic over the Rams chances are understandable. After all, it's tough to sing the praises of an NFC team whose playoff hopes are in an intensive care unit. But such is the strategy chosen by the LA Rams front office this season.

The LA Rams' schedule for the 2023 NFL season was never going to be a cakewalk. By sheer luck of the draw, the Rams (and all the NFC West teams for that matter) pulled the NFC East and AFC North Divisions in terms of scheduling. As of 10 weeks of the NFL season, all AFC North teams have a winning record and have combined for a record of 24-13. The NFC North is not nearly as robust through and through, but the Rams had played the Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) and Dallas Cowboys (6-3), two teams that have combined for a record of 14-4. The Washington Commanders (4-6) and New York Giants (2-8) round out that division.

Rams beating expectations so far

While the Rams may not have enjoyed as much success this season as hoped for, the Rams front office smashed all expectations in the 2023 NFL Draft. Of the 14 players chosen this season in the draft, plus one undrafted rookie, the Rams have six full time starters on the roster. And over the course of the remaining eight games on the schedule, the Rams may discover more key starters or rotational players.

It was always about how the LA Rams finished out the 2023 season after all. And with a Rams roster getting healthy once more, I would not be the least bit surprised if the team starts to string together some wins.

When the NFL released the LA Rams schedule, I was tasked with creating an instantaneous set of game-by-game predictions for the 2023 NFL season, In that far too early forecast, I anticipated that the LA Rams would be facing the Seattle Seahawks in Week 11 with a record of 2-7. The Rams are 3-6, winning the season opener In Seattle as a mild upset win.

I know that some fans believed that this LA Rams team had enough horsepower to earn a berth in the NFL Playoffs, and as of today that is still on the table. But did anyone expect the Rams to nail their first three selections in the 2023 NFL Draft so overwhelmingly? Did anyone truly foresee rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua emerging as one of the NFL's top receivers in 2023?

Sometimes the true marvels in any chapter is not the destination, but the journey itself. This LA Rams team has discovered some remarkably talented young players who will bolster the team though the 2026 NFL season. This was never going to be a sprint to the finish line. Right now, the LA Rams are in great shape to kick it into another gear. Grab a cold one and sit back, because I believe this season is about to become very interest