The odds of QB Stetson Bennett returning to LA Rams in 2023 are fading fast

While the LA Rams still believe in their rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett, the likelihood of seeing him back on the Rams 53-man roster for the 2023 NFL season is next to nothing now.
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III: The plot thickens

That all sounds a bit cryptic, doesn't it? Hey, I don't mean to talk in code. After all, the LA Rams have the patent on that strategy when it comes to the plight of Bennett right now. Still, the Rams front office must walk a tightrope over loyalty to Bennett, and the immediate needs of the team.

20/20 hindsight is nearly infallible. The ability to look back at past actions, knowing how they turned out, certainly does add clarity to any past challenge or problem. And yes, I am admittedly as guilty of that bad habit as anyone. But even in real-time, some clues offer guidance over what the LA Rams front office should do next. After being inactive for Week 1, the LA Rams followed that up by designating Stetson Bennett to the IR/NFI (Injured Reserve/Non-Football Injury) roster.

"I am going to leave all the specifics in-house"

That action removed Stetson Bennett from the active 53-man roster, and removed Bennett from all NFL football activities for the duration of that designation.

The action triggered a plethora of questions from NFL media and fans. Moving rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett to the IR/NFI list with no warning or clarifying information became an instant mystery. As a result, the now-famous explanation from LA Rams HC Sean McVay did nothing but stir up the matter.

"Out of respect for him and the situation, I am going to leave all the specifics and particulars in-house. And I want to be able to do that out of respect for that situation, so I am not going to really have any follow-up information or anything that I will give in that regards."

Sean McVay re: Stetson Bennet

The matter not only provided no details over what had prompted the Rams to move Bennett to IR, nor what was happening with Bennett, but the information provided no data regarding when Rams fans might anticipate his return to the Rams roster.

To fill in the gaps, we took what little facts that we did know about Stetson Bennett and attempted to place a time frame around the uncertain circumstances. From that sparse information, we eliminated a 30-day window for Bennett, and projected a return day of either November 12, 2023, or December 12, 2023.

As this article is being published on November 8, 2023, the likely return date for Bennett is December 12, 2023. The LA Rams schedule would have just three games remaining on the schedule if Bennett is eligible to return at that time. So, at least as it relates to known facts, our projected time frame for Stetson Bennett appears to align with the facts as we know them.