These 5 NFL teams need to contact LA Rams for OLB Leonard Floyd

Larrell Murchison, Leonard Floyd
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There is no sugarcoating the news of the day. The LA Rams have released All-Pro ILB Bobby Wagner. They have publicly made it be known that All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey, wide receiver Allen Robinson, and outside linebacker Leonard Floyd can all be had for the NFL equivalent of 'make me an offer.' With the exception of DL Aaron Donald, QB Matthew Stafford, and WR Cooper Kupp, the LA Rams have placed their veteran core contributors on the trade block. That is not the strategy that many expected from this team in 2023.

For some fans, the LA Rams' offseason strategy is both confusing and concerning. This is a team that just one year ago self-assessed themselves as Super Bowl repeat contenders. Oh, what a time that was! And yet, less than one year later, there is no talk of the NFL Playoffs. There are widespread concerns among LA Rams fans over the franchise's future. And yet, I believe that as much as we now know that the euphoria leading into the 2022 NFL season was a mirage, so are the gloom and doom feelings that have spread among the fanbase this offseason.

It's never as bad as it seems

It's never as good as it looks and it's never as bad as it seems.” - is a famous quote from Tom Pollack, a Goodreads author. Right now, that seems like wise words to take to heart as we forge ahead with the LA Rams this off-season.

To rebuild, the first step in the process is to tear down. It's a fragile moment, as all five senses are ovewhelmed with the perception of destruction. But the old must be ushered out in order to make way for the new. If you are fortunate to live in an area with four distinct seasons of the year, you know that while winter is cold and the trees are bare, it's all part of a cycle that will eventually new to a spring full of new growth and greenery.

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There may be some questions as to the LA Rams' willingness to part ways with veteran outside linebacker Leonard Floyd. After all, what price can the LA Rams command for a player who is already confirmed to be a potential release from the Rams roster? And yet, if an interested team is savvy, there is reason to trade for him, now. Surprisingly, in his past three seasons with the LA Rams, Leonard Floyd has averaged 9.7 QB sacks and 61.3 tackles per year.