This random cryptic Tweet by LA Rams COO instills both panic and laughter

Kevin Demoff Los Angeles Rams
Kevin Demoff Los Angeles Rams / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

As if there is not enough to concern ourselves over the state of the LA Rams as the team prepares for the 2023 NFL season, we had to deal with a cryptic social media message from LA Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff.

Whenever Rams Kevin Demoff is active on social media, it's never a good thing. If you recall, he ran Point for the LA Rams on social media when the team attempted to roll out a new color scheme, new uniforms, and a new logo. That was met with surprisingly passionate and significant pushback, so much so that the Rams leveraged that social media dissent into a fund raising event. The goal was to raise over $2 million for a charitable Relief Fund. The prize? If the fundraising goal was met, Rams COO Kevin Demoff would read the 10 meanest Tweets about the new Rams logo.

The latest cryptic social media message from Demoff did not involve the LA Rams logo, or at least we don't think that it does. Rather, it was a simple one-letter Tweet from Kevin Demoff that could be interpreted in so many ways. His Tweet was simply the letter L - which could be translated to mean laughter, loss, loser, or like. Of course, the message is not nearly as important as who the message is coming from, as the Corporate Operations Officer of the LA Rams is an important role for the team, and comes with plenty of authority and responsibility.

Okay, so here is the message, and the subsequent explanation:

So here's the thing. Butt dials happen all of the time. But when they happen, two things are clear indications that it's occurring. One is a random string of text - letters, numbers, and special characters strung together in no particular order. The second indication is that they are not capital letters, as to generate a capital letter, two buttons must be depressed in sequence: Cap and then the letter.

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Was the message laughter? Loser? Loss? We will probably never know the answer to that one, and that's okay. It could have simply been a private joke that accidently was replied to on Kevin Demoff's official Twitter account. Still, one thing is pretty clear, it was not a random butt Tweet. Perhaps, in the end, it simply stands for . . . Liar?