This unstoppable player is sticking around to find out how the LA Rams story ends

Los Angeles Ram, Kobie Turner, Ernest Jones, Byron Young
Los Angeles Ram, Kobie Turner, Ernest Jones, Byron Young / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

If you think that the tale of the incredible 2023 NFL season by the LA Rams is over, boy were you not paying attention. The season may be over, but the story about this young, energetic, and incredibly enthusiastic LA Rams roster is barely underway. The tale of this team is like one of those thick paperbacks that you start reading over a morning coffee, and simply cannot put down for the rest of your day.

You have to know how it all turns out.

Well, let's face it. The LA Rams fell short this season, being shown the door quickly in a win-or-go-home scenario that stops every team in the NFL Playoffs save one. Right now, the LA Rams are the team that are going home, ending their 2023 NFL season with a 10-7 regular season record, but falling to a record of 0-1 in the 2024 NFL Playoffs.

But don't hang your head in disappointment, just yet. Don't just listen to me, as the wisdom of optimism over the LA Rams future is not just something I cling to despite evidence to the contrary. The LA Rams have a very bright future ahead of them.

What about the perennial risk of retirement to LA Rams HC Sean McVay? The Rams young head coach, who has been driven to accelerate the timetable to compete for a Super Bowl victory had taken its toll, needed to be reminded at the other aspects of the game of football. The LA Rams, imperfect and unpredictable as it has been this season, has been the solution to the question of why should McVay come back for another season.

The young LA Rams roster reminded him just how much fun and love that he has for the game. And he learned how to laugh and have fun along the way.

But the LA Rams needed more than mirth and merriment to keep All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald intrigued. After all, Aaron Donald enjoys a good laugh as well as anyone, but he never takes his eyes off the prize. He has been to the top of the mountain in the NFL. He has a Super Bowl ring to validate his legacy. So what could possibly lure Aaron Donald back for another season?

Simply stated, he can't put the book down until he knows how this all turns out.

Aaron Donald is no fool. He played in the trenches with the rookies. He knows just how good this team is, and even more importantly, how good this team can become. The Rams started off shakily in 2023, but were the hottest team in the NFL over the last eight games. Imagine how good this team can be in 2024 at this pace?

Young players improve with each new season. While health and durability is always a risk, the Rams current trajectory after the 2023 NFL season is to end 2024 with 12-13 wins. How can I say that before the Rams settle their roster, shop the 2024 NFL Free Agency market, or make their 10 or so selections in the 2024 NFL Draft?

The LA Rams improved from 5-12 in 2022 to 10-7 in 2023. Better still, much of the Rams upgrade was due to incredible seasons by rookies and second-year players. You may not feel optimistic about the LA Rams future right now, but many do believe in this team.

LA Rams HC Sean McVay will be back. LA Rams All-Pro DT Aaron Donald will be back (despite the premature conjecture by FanSided contributor, Cameron Ellis). I cannot see the Rams regressing next season with those two key personalities back on board. I actually expect the opposite, the Rams will be a frontrunner for a Super Bowl appearance in 2024.