We now know when the LA Rams pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

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With the release of the 2023 awarded compensatory draft picks for the 2023 NFL Draft, we now have all of the pieces to determine how many and in which round the LA Rams will be making their selections this year. But rather than do the math and count out each pick, the NFL official website has taken all of the labor out of the 2023 NFL Draft and released their annual 2023 NFL Draft order for all seven rounds article,

The LA Rams will have enter the draft with 10 draft picks. That is a fairly well-armed team when you consider just how deep this particular draft class is. So when will the LA Rams be selecting, you ask?

  • Round 2 - Pick 5 (36th overall)
    Round 3 - Pick 6 (69th overall)
    Round 5 - Pick 32 (167th overall)
    Round 5 - Pick 36 (171st overall)
    Round 5 - Pick 42 (177th overall)
    Round 6 - Pick 5 (182nd overall)
    Round 6 - Pick 12 (189th overall, from Tennessee)
    Round 6 - Pick 14 (191st overall, from Green Bay)
    Round 7 - Pick 6 (223rd overall)
    Round 7 - Pick 34 (251st overall)

The LA Rams, while possessing no pick in Round 1, clearly have some very valuable ammunition to use in the 2023 NFL Draft. The 36th overall pick is very likely to have multiple Round 1 projected prospects fall to that spot, affording the Rams plenty of option to use in making their selection. The Rams could even opt to trade back in Round 2, adding a second pick in Round 3 or perhaps a pick in Rounds 3 and 4.

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LA Rams 2023 draft class could be special

While you may not be overly thrilled with the fact that the LA Rams were not awarded a comp pick at the end of Round 4, nor was the team awarded a comp pick at the end or Round 6. The Rams ended up with three compensatory picks at the end of Round 5, and one at the end of Round 7.

The LA Rams prefer picks to amass on Day 3 of the NFL Draft. The draft is by no means a 'sure thing,' but having more picks fall in the later rounds is far more gentle on the team purse strings. The LA Rams love to gather the most number of picks from the least expensive rounds. For those rookies, they do not move the Rams salary cap needle much while the team is sorting through the talent to determine who makes the final roster and who does not.

The changes to the awarded draft picks may alter the Rams options when they select, but this is a draft class that is bursting with NFL caliber talent on Day 3. I've already run some simulations on a few online mock simulators that now reflect the Rams true picks, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. In the end, the LA Rams will stay true to their draft board, whether that means moving up, down, or staying put. The goal is not where the Rams make their selection, but who the team adds to the roster and at which positions.

The LA Rams are addressing strengthening their foundation in 2023, which may or may not result in a strategy that fans are enamored with. In shot, that could mean infusing higher ceiling prospects to the roster, rather than immediate producers. But in the end, the goal remains the same: Fast track back to the NFL Playoffs.

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The Rams have a lot of work to do. In less than one week's time, they'll be getting to work.