We've heard the LA Rams plan. Now does it hold water?

Kevin Demoff
Kevin Demoff / Mario Tama/GettyImages

How bad is the LA Rams' 2023 off-season strategy? It's so bad that the team has sent their 'fixer,' COO Keven Demoff into the fray to calm concerns and wash away worries. Why do I call Kevin Demoff the fixer? Well, he was the Rams organization point person when the team rolled out their new logo and uniform color palette. If you recall, the Rams' new uniforms, color scheme, and the new logo were about as warmly received in 2020 as the 2023 off-season strategy is this season.

The Rams never expected the firestorm that occured with the early 'leaks,' of uniforms and logos. And when the Rams hinted that they would use that pushback to improve the designs, and then rolled out virtually the same uniforms and logos that were leaked, the matter became much worse. Now, you have to wonder if the LA Rams are trying to pivot this nerve-wracking plan around into something positive like a fundraiser to feed the homeless in the Los Angeles area, just to save face once more?

The pushback was so merciless, that Kevin Demoff read the Top 10 meanest Tweets about the LA Rams uniforms:

Now he is back out there again, but this time, the sales pitch is trying to lure LA Rams fans off the ledge and back into the cozy seats at SoFi Stadium. In his narrative, he emplores the Rams fanbase to be patient as the team resets for a push in 2024:

It's a tough time to sit and be patient. The LA Rams seem to have stalled even as the other 31 NFL teams So what are the key elements of his discussion:

11 picks in the 2023 NFL Draft

The LA Rams' current roster is idling at 44 players, and the team's 2023 salary cap space is just under $15 million. The draft picks this year are clearly earmarked for selecting rookies to help build this team's depth and upgrade the overall talent level. Does that mean a couple of picks as high as possible? Or does that mean as many picks as possible? Go with the latter.

7 2024 NFL Draft picks plus awarded comp picks

The 2024 NFL Draft picks are not described as assets to use during the 2024 NFL Draft, but he also mentions their availability at this year's NFL Trade Deadline. That means that if the team is batting at .500 or better in the 2023 NFL season, the team is willing to take a shot at a home run at the trade deadline. I wouldn't count on it.

Projected $60 million is salary cap space for 2024

The LA Rams current projected 2024 salary cap space is $39 million by Spotrac.com. That can only happen if the team waives veteran WR Allen Robinson after June 1, which suggests that it is already pre-decided. So despite the lack of activity on Robinson so far, that is a move that is almost certain to occur