When must the LA Rams sensibly address the offensive line in this draft?

Los Angeles Rams offensive line
Los Angeles Rams offensive line / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

If there is to be an imbalance to the LA Rams roster between the 2023 version and the 2024 versions of the offense line, the most likely time to correct that imbalance is to consider selecting offensive linemen during the 2024 NFL Draft. The challenge with that strategy is pretty straightforward: When (in which rounds) should the team consider adding offensive linemen?

Perhaps before rushing into some knee-jerk sense of urgency, a more astute approach is to consider how the team has changed in terms of the offensive starters between the two seasons. To do so, let's lay out a data table to highlight 2023 OL starters, comparing them to presume 2024 OL starters.


2023 position

2023 PFF Grade

2024 position

Alaric Jackson




Steve Avila




Coleman Shelton




Kevin Dotson




Rob Havenstein




Jonah Jackson




Tremayne Anchrum Jr.




So as it now stands, the LA Rams are down one backup interior offensive lineman from the 2023 roster. But is that all that the front office needs to be concerned about?

Well, peering ahead to players who are projected to test their value in the 2025 NFL Free Agency market due to expiring contracts, you will see some familiar names:

  • Joseph Noteboom, OT
  • Alaric Jackson, OT
  • Zach Thomas, OT

How might that factor into the team's draft strategy? Well, one of Rams GM Les Sneed's trademarks is stockpiling positions when they are abundant. In the 2024 NFL Draft, there are plentiful offensive tackles and centers to choose from. That could lure the front office into helping themselves to players from those position groups if the opportunity arises during the draft.

Because the team need not add immediate plug-and-play starters to the roster in the draft, Day 3 makes the most logical time for the team to consider adding players. With seven picks, there should be ample opportunity to reinforce the team. So who should the team target on Day 3? We have some solid options:

Option IV: Notre Dame offensive tackle

OT Blake Fisher is no Joe Alt, but he stands 6-foot-6, weighs 310 pounds, and was often overlooked thanks to Alt grabbing most of the attention. While we had projected Fisher as a potential option for late on Day 2, multiple draft boards project Fisher as a Day 3 prospect.

NFL Draft Buzz. 100. 51. Blake Fisher draft profile. Blake Fisher. player. PFN Draft profile. Offensive tackle. Notre Dame. Blake Fisher

Standing 6-foot-6 and weighing 310 pounds, Fisher is a solid option for an NFL backup offensive tackle. His size gives him a great wingspan to keep defenders at arm's length, allowing him to stymie them at the line of scrimmage as they try to rush the quarterback.

Fisher needs work, as all rookies do when trying to level up to become a dependable NFL starter. But Fisher has command of many fundamentals. All that remains is drilling often enough to earn experience.

Option III: Penn State interior offensive lineman

If you want to bolster the Rams interior offensive line, a great option is to consider Penn State center Hunter Nourzad, While primarily considered an offensive center, Nourzad has the experience to play at practically any offensive line position. While standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 317 pounds does not scream offensive tackle, the experience does allow for an emergency start at offensive tackle.

Nourzard is nearly ideal in terms of size and technique, and he is very coachable. His perception and ability to process mid-plays instantly allow him to diagnose and counter defensive stunts and blitzes. Because he started in the Big Ten, he faced some of the nation's best defensive linemen, dependably holding his own or winning his battle.

Option II: South Dakota State swing tackle

If the LA Rams front office anticipates losing veteran swing tackle Joe Noteboom after the 2024 NFL Draft, then finding his replacement makes a lot of sense. South Dakota State swing tackle Garret Greenfield is versatile enough to be viewed as an option for either side in the NFL

Standing 6-foot-6 and weighing 311 pounds, Greenfield has tremendous range for an offensive lineman, a passionate and willing blocker who plays until the whistle blows and never takes a play off. Garret Greenfield is a potent jackhammer out of his stance, and nearly unstoppable when trying to gain a leverage advantage for short-yardage plays.

Option I: Arkansas interior offensive lineman

The LA Rams may want to have an interior offensive lineman on the roster in 2023 just in case the team may need to backup Steve Avila this season. 6-foot-5 302-pound interior offensive lineman Beaux Limmer out of Arkansas may be an optimal choice. Limmer is incredibly versatile and athletic, starting at both offensive guard and center in college.

He is an instinctive road grader, moving quickly from his primary blocking assignment downfield to secondary targets willingly and quickly. He possesses high football IQ, capable of adapting to defensive stunts and blitzes to ensure a safe pocket for his quarterback. While he is quite versed in his technique, he has room to improve. I love his size and physicality, and believe he could make the 53-man roster if selected during the 2024 NFL Draft.

As always, thanks for reading.