Where did Falcons HC Raheem Morris learn the value of a strong running game?

Former Rams DC Raheem Morris is already emphasizing the running game. So, where did he learn to value runs? The answer may surprise you.
Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout, Kirk Cousins, Raheem Morris
Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout, Kirk Cousins, Raheem Morris / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

We know that former LA Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris is the newly hired head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. But are there any strategies that Morris may have learned or endorsed while he worked with the Rams football organization that he is implementing with the Falcons football team?

While the Falcons and Rams await their preseason games to actually unveil even the most basic of strategies, we already see signs of Morris' preference for offensive strategy. When he led the Rams defense for the team, he understood the value of a strong running game to the performance of his defense. As the rushing assault not only chewed up yards, it kept the game clock rolling along as well.

More time with the Rams offense holding the football meant better results for the team's defense. For a former defensive coordinator, that offensive strategy holds a great deal of appeal.

So it's no wonder that even before training camp, now Falcons HC Raheem Morris is already touting getting the football to his feature running back, Bijan Robinson:

While that means very little in terms of the LA Rams strategy for 2024, it does mean that he likely learned to appreciate running backs thanks to the success of RB Kyren Williams in the offense. And if he values that contribution as much as he already is indicating, perhaps the other coaches and personnel executives do as well?

In the absence of a similar statement from Rams HC Sean McVay stating that he is committing to getting the football to his running backs, we can conclude that he shares a similar view as his former colleague. And with the presumption that the Rams will be earmarking the ground attack for a significant role in 2024, the moves to upgrade the offensive line, running back room, and reinforce the tight end position all begin to align with that strategy.

Since trading for veteran QB Matthew Stafford, the Rams have enjoyed a pass to run on offense of:


No. passes

No. runs

% passes




59.1 %

2022 *



56.4 %





* 2022 was impacted by Stafford playing in just nine games

As you may note from the data table above, running backs have continued to play an ever increasing role in this team's offense. The shift to running strategies has also coincided with the skewing of coaches hired to the staff who have a certain level of expertise in the running offense.

Is that a good thing? I believe if you like the direction the team is going, and the positive results to the defense and veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford by de-emphasizing the pass as he advances in years, then it most certainly is a very positive development. If you remain on the fence, consider this:

The Rams' record of 10-7 in 2023 was buoyed in large part to the ability to run the football. When Kyren Williams got hot for the offense, the team was almost unbeatable. In 2024, the team appears to tout an even more formidable rushing offense.

Raheem Morris clearly understands the value of the ground game. I believe that the Rams coaching staff does too.

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