Where do the LA Rams stand in terms of coaching staff today?

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While the LA Rams may not be starting the offseason off of a positive year, there is still plenty of talent and reason for optimism with the team in 2023. This is still a team that is led on offense by veteran QB Matthew Stafford, and he still has wide receiver Cooper Kupp as his primary receiver. The Rams may have been injured significantly in 2022, but the players who were respected enough to compete in Super Bowl LVI and win are, for the most part, still with the team.

While the LA Rams still have to hire a new and competent Special Teams Coordinator, the Rams have their two keystone roles filled. The newcomer to the group is Offensive Coordinator Mike LaFleur, who was the New York Jets OC in 2021-22. He followed San Francisco 49ers DC Robert Saleh when he took over the head coaching role to become the Jets offensive coordinator. Prior to that role, he was the 49ers passing game coordinator, and worked with their wide receivers as well.

OC –Mike LaFleur (Stafford impact) (Akers impact) (offense impact)Liam Coen to UK
DC- Raheem Morris (Not hired for either Colts/Broncos HC positions)
STC – vacant
Joe DeCamillis (Special teams mixed bag for 2023)

The Rams may not hire a Special Teams Coordinator in the immediate future, but that role is critical to the chances of success in the 2023 NFL season and beyond. While the Rams may not spotlight their special teams performance, significant personnel decisions have to be made regarding the expired contracts of all Special Teams specialists on the team. And it's the Special Teams coordinator whose interests are met late in the draft. The LA Rams have plenty of picks there, making the right coordinator imperative to have in house before the draft prioritization gets too far underway.

Those decisions include what to do about placekicker Matt Gay, long snapper Matthew Orzech, punter Riley Dixon, and even KR/PR Brandon Powell. While the player at greatest risk of not returning to the team is punter Riley Dixon for a number of reasons, those decisions will likely await the arrival of the new ST Coordinator.