Which direction will the LA Rams go with the 19th overall pick?

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Option A: Pick defensive player

You may or may not be puzzled by the Rams approach to the team's defensive front. Knowing that Aaron Donald planned to retire, and offering no extension for starting DE Jonah Williams, the team enters the 2024 NFL Draft knowing that there are 1500 starting defensive snaps from the 2023 defensive front to address. And that is just to get back to where the team was a year ago on snap count.

The team surely has a plan in place. But whatever it is, they have done a great job at camouflaging their intentions from a concerned fanbase. So here we are, with the 19th overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft, and as much as we want to convince ourselves that the team can opt for the best player available, we know in our hearts that the team needs a significant amount of help on defense.

The level of help that is often found in Round 1 of an NFL Draft.

The Rams need help on the defensive line, at edge rushers, in the secondary, and at inside linebacker. That is pretty much the entirety of the defense. While we entertain scenarios of drafting an elite tall wide receiver, a franchise blind side offensive tackle, or even an elite tight end prospect who may deliver no more that 50 catches and 600 yards to this team as a ceiling, the team needs guys who can tackle, defend passes, and sack quarterbacks.

The Rams feel like they have painted themself into a corner. There were options for the defensive line and for pass rushers in the NFL Free Agency market, but the team did not seem to pursue those options, at least not nearly as aggressively as other positions.

At some point in the draft, the Rams must add defensive linemen, defensive backs, and pass rushers. And based on the shallow depth, the team may double dip at some positions in the draft. It need not be in Round 1. But the question is, if the right player is there on the board, why wait?

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