Which players have the highest cap hits on the Los Angeles Rams roster in 2024?

These five players have the highest cap hits on the Rams roster for 2024.
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The Los Angeles Rams have quite a few large contracts on their roster, and these five players have the highest cap hits on the team for 2024. The Rams truly went all-in for their 2021 Super Bowl run. GM Les Snead was trading picks like they were football cards and was really maxing out the cap situation.

And you know what, it worked. Snead's Super Bowl team may have been a bit unconventional, and now, just three years later, the Rams seem poised to make another deep run, but this time, the roster is littered with young players on rookie contracts, so the circumstances are different. Nonetheless, there are still some high cap hits on the roster for 2024.

Which players have the highest cap hits on the Los Angeles Rams roster in 2024?
5, Jonah Jackson, OG - $13,666,666

Newly-signed guard Jonah Jackson already has the fifth-highest cap hit on the roster for 2024, but it's not like that's a bad thing. Jackson is one of the better guards in the NFL and obviously plays a premier position. Protecting the QB is one of the single most important things in all of sports, so I am sure GM Les Snead did not have any issue handing Jackson this deal, which is worth $17 million per season.

His cap hit will jump to over $18 million in 2025.

4. Rob Havestein, OT - $14,703,294

A long-term, quality fixture along the offensive line, Rob Havenstein could become a free agent after the 2025 NFL Season. He's spent his entire career with the LA Rams, so he's been apart of the good, bad, and the ugly. His cap hit in 2024 is the largest it's been across this contract with the Rams, and I would not be surprise if he decided to retire in the near future.

3. Aaron Donald, DT - $24,973,332

I did some digging about what happens with player contracts when they retire:

"Just like teams can end contracts, players can also decide to do this, but in their case, it’s called retiring. When a player retires, it’s similar to being cut by the team, and the same rule about June 1 applies here too.

For example, if the player we talked about earlier chose to retire instead of being cut, the money would be treated the same way as if the team cut him. If he officially retires on or after June 1, the money is counted as if he was cut on or after June 1."

Reem Abdalazem

Aaron Donald was still under contract when he decided to retire earlier this offseason, so his cap hit is still present on the books. And even though this contractual situation might not be ideal given the retirement, Donald is the best defensive player in NFL history and helped the team win the Super Bowl in 2021, so they surely do not mind.

2. Cooper Kupp, WR - $29,780,000

Just a few years ago, Cooper Kupp had arguably the best season by any wide receiver in NFL history, winning the "triple crown." leading the league in receptions, yards, and touchdowns in 2021. He's one of the highest-paid wide receivers in NFL history and had 737 yards in 12 games in 2023. His 61.4 yards per game last year would have given him 1,044 yards in a full 17-game season.

So in a way, he's still a 1000-yard WR.

1. Matthew Stafford, QB - $49,500,000

To the surprise of no one, Matthew Stafford has the highest cap hit on the team for 2024. Stafford is set to play in his age-36 season, and perhaps the Rams could look to re-work this deal to get cap relief. Typically, contract extensions reduce the players' cap number and give the team some cap relief. With rumors that the Rams wanted to ship Stafford to the Jets after the 2022 NFL Season, you have to wonder if they even have interest in some sort of extension.

The LA Rams might not be as committed to Stafford as he is to the team.