Why LA Rams signing of Carson Wentz could be turning point for team

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II: Rams 2024 NFL Draft shopping list changes dramatically

While the Rams have needs all over the roster, and need plenty of help in the 2024 NFL Draft, the outstanding position of need for the Rams roster as currently constructed in my opinion was the quarterback position, until today. The LA Rams roster has been sorely lacking at the backup quarterback spot, with the exception of five games from veteran quarterback Baker Mayfield.

It was the Rams' positive experience with Mayfield that may have prompted them to roll the dice on two-time NCAA Championship Georgia quarterback, Stetson Bennett. But Bennett did not survive the preseason, showing signs of deep regression before becoming inactive for Week 1. Ultimately, the Rams placed Bennett on the IR/NFI list under mysterious circumstances.

But after move Bennett off the team's active roster, the front office did not make a corresponding move to refill Bennett's role on the Rams roster.

Rams do not 'need' a backup QB if Wentz works out

With a shroud of uncertainty surrounding Stetson Bennett, and the Rams relying upon Brett Rypien to backup Matthew Stafford, the Rams were almost certain to draft a backup quarterback in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft. While the 2024 NFL Draft is bursting with talented quarterbacks, the Rams and all NFL teams have plenty of talented prospects to choose from.

That is not to say that the Rams will not select a talented quarterback prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. My guess is that the team will still be shopping for a talented and developmental quarterback in the draft. But if Wentz works out, and I believe that he could, the Rams can opt for a franchise left tackle, or a shutdown corner, or a game-changing tight end, with their Round 1 pick.

Even if you did not place quarterback as one of the Rams top needs in the 2024 NFL Draft, this signing gives the Rams a bit of breathing room. Wentz may or may not work out for the Rams. But the presence of Carson Wentz on the Rams roster not only gives the Rams front office more wiggle room heading into next year's draft, but if Wentz plays and plays well, he could trigger an award of an NFL compensatory pick for the 2025 NFL Draft.