Why Stetson Bennett's appearance at Georgia game is positive news for the LA Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos, Stetson Bennett
Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos, Stetson Bennett / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

While solid information about LA Rams rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett is in short supply, the amount of speculation and social media commentary has been overly abundant since the Rams placed him on the IR/NFI list after Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season. And he has remained there, with no new updates as to his status other than the occasional 'He's doing well,' comment by LA Rams head coach Sean McVay.

But from the LA Rams perspective, doing well means something altogether different. But it most certainly includes restoration to the Rams roster, training and practicing with the team, and improving day by day, week by week, so that if and when he is needed to step up and compete in the pocket for the Rams, he will be ready.

For now, the smart money in on his return not happening until 2024.

Stetson Bennett sighting

While details continue to be a no show as to what exactly prevents Stetson Bennett from returning to the LA Rams active roster, LA Rams fans, and University of Georgia fans alike, did get a treat as Stetson Bennett personally attended the Georgia game in which the Georgia Bulldogs hosted the Ole Miss Bulldogs.

But the appearance was not just a former player in the stands to cheer on his alma mater and former teammates. Let me explain:

If you did not know, Stetson Bennett was a walk-on who ultimately led Georgia to two consecutive NCAA National Championships. The fact that he was such an accomplished NCAA player who began his college football career also made him eligible for the Burlsworth Trophy - the annual award for the best college player who began competing in college football without a scholarship:

The sighting is good news for LA Rams fans for several reasons. He was spotted without any form of physical injury, which confirms that he was not involved in some form of accident. The fact that he was out and about under his own recognizance suggests that whatever the conditions that currently prevent him from competing in the NFL right now are stable. Whatever the conditions that exist, his public appearance for the Georgia fans suggest that they have receded to a point where he was considered strong enough to handle the limelight once more.

Some Rams fans questioned how he could appear in the stands, but not be up to competing for the Rams right now. Let's be clear. There is no pressure on a young man to sit and cheer his teammates on. And whatever Stetson Bennett is going through, the outpouring of love from his coaches, former teammates, and Georgia fans will only serve to help him face whatever he must on the road back to the LA Rams roster.

The workload and pressure to perform as a rookie quarterback in the NFL is tremendous, and fans can only scratch the surface of fully appreciating the constant demands of attaining and sustaining the level needed to perform up to expectations in the NFL.

While we do not have exact details, nor a firm timeline, we all see that he is doing well, is happy, and save. For now, that will have to do, at least until he is well enough to don the horns once more.