Why the LA Rams match up well to the Commanders in Week 15

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Reason IV: Rams roster, though young, is getting better

Before the LA Rams began the 2023 NFL season, we were already talking about how the young LA Rams roster would play erratically this season. Some good games, some not-so-good games. But overall, the performance of the Rams would get better. Even into the start of the season, the Rams (2-3) showed all the signs of being a team that played better than their record.

Even our optimistic views were pushed beyond their limits when the Rams fell to a pre-BYE week record of 3-6. But we pushed on with our messaging. Be Patient. Just give this team some time to get their feet back under them. In the end, that is exactly what this team has needed.

Rams resurgence

The Rams' offense, once bouncing along the bottom of the NFL, has experienced a resurgence that has carried the team to land among the Top 10 offenses in the NFL. That has not been a simple matter, particularly with the constant barrage of injuries and adversity facing the Rams offense each week. The offensive spike has been powered by RB Kyren Williams, WR Puka Nacua, and a surprisingly proficient effort by rookie tight end Davis Allen in Week 14 against the Baltimore Ravens.

But don't look past the Rams' defense in acknowledging the accomplishments of a surging offense. The Rams' defense has gotten a lot of mileage from young rising stars like inside linebacker Ernest Jones, rookie nose tackle Kobie Turner, and outside linebacker Byron Young. While the Rams still need more from the young contributors to ensure a playoff berth, they seem to be getting better and better each week.