Will Former Rams DC Wade Phillips convince Rams to give this UFL star a shot?

Does Coach Phillips still have some pull with the Rams? We are about to find out . . .
XFL Conference Championship: San Antonio Brahmas v St Louis Battlehawks, Wade Phillips, Hakeem Butler
XFL Conference Championship: San Antonio Brahmas v St Louis Battlehawks, Wade Phillips, Hakeem Butler / Scott Rovak/UFL/GettyImages

If you think that the LA Rams have squelched their search for a tall skyscraper target to add to their wide receiver room, let me be the first to tell you that not all hope is gone. In fact, with the cessation of play in the spring league UFL, the matter may be as likely as ever.

The UFL has showcased a number of NFL-caliber players who, for one reason or another, fell through the cracks of the NFL roster building process. Whether never given a chance, or a very limited look by the team as an undrafted rookie signing, or simply as a player who didn't fit that particular team, or even needed time to develop, it didn't pan out. But the fun aspect of the UFL is that it give those players a chance for a second start at a professional football career. And some seem to make the most of it.

With any luck, the Rams front office is clued in as to the UFLs top performers. Now, the question is, what will they do about it?

Former Rams DC lobbying NFL hard for WR Hakeem Butler

When former Rams DC Wade Phillips agreed to coach the San Antonio Brahmas, he brought over five decades of meaningful football coaching experience with him to the UFL. Is it any wonder that he coached his team to the top? After all, you can change the league, some of the rules, but it comes down to the same basic principles. And the son of NFL legendary HC Bum Phillips is as good as they come.

Along the way, Coach Phillips has made connections in both college and professional football. All coaches develop a network of friends and associates who they contact occassionaly as sounding boards for strategies or to round out information about players.

Along the way, Phillips has earned the reputation for having a fine eye for talent. If he endorses a player, you can bet NFL executives and coaches will take notice. Right now, he is lobbying hard for WR Hakeem Butler:

Of course it helps that Butler stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 227 pounds, and has NFL experience. But his breakout season for the Brahmas has punctuated the statement that he may be ready for the NFL. And right now, several teams are getting ready to give him a serious look-see:

Will the Rams be one of the NFL teams to kick his tires? While there is no official word yet, you have to believe that it makes a great deal of sense. The Rams are directly and heavily linked to Coach Phillips, are on record as a team that sought to add height to the WR position, and did not invest heavily into the position during the 2024 NFL Draft.

So there could be mutual interest.

The Rams need red zone skills, and Butler put up 45 receptions for 652 yards and 5 touchdowns, or one touchdown in every nine catches. I'm quite certain that he would be a valuable asset in this offense. Will the team give him a chance?

Stay tuned. And as always, thanks for reading.