With Tutu Atwell sitting, the Rams hope Tyler Johnson can spark a Rams win in Week 15

Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams, Tyler Johnson
Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams, Tyler Johnson / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The LA Rams know that every game matters now, and that there are no do-overs. That places a lot of pressure on a very young Rams roster to consolidate every hard lesson learned this season, and apply that knowledge in every game, in each play, going forward. But not all players will have a chance to contribute, as injuries will continue to be the bane of the Rams roster over the final four games.

The Rams lost a hard-fought game against the AFC's best team, the Baltimore Ravens, in an overtime loss that truly could have gone either way. the LA Rams lost more than the game. The Rams suffered injuries to five players in that game. While several of the players adversely impacted by injury in that game appear to be on track to play in Week 15, WR Tutu Atwell, who entered the NFL's concussion protocol, is not one of them:

That places the Rams at a disadvantage in a game in which their passing game could be hugely productive. The Rams face the Washington Commanders (4-9) and a secondary that has allowed an NFL worst average of 266 passing yards per game. The Commanders have also allowed 30 passing touchdowns.

And right now, Rams starting quarterback Matthew Stafford is playing some of his best football of the season, if not of his career. The problem is, who will he be throwing to?

Well, we know that the Rams offense is churning out points right now. That is due, in no small part, to the unwavering rookie assault of WR Puka Nacua on NFL receiving records. And veteran wide receiver Cooper Kupp is returning to his prime-time form. Even veteran WR Demarcus Robinson has been getting in on the action. But who do the Rams send onto the football field with an empty backfield?

The Rams may want to see what veteran Tyler Johnson can do in the Rams' offense. After all, he stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 205 pounds, an ideal size to send on routes in Week 15. The Rams signed Johnson in the offseason to round out the roster and to add some veteran leadership to the Rams roster. Both he and Demarcus Robinson were unheralded signings in the offseason, but their presence on the Rams' offense has ensured that the Rams would only play rookies who were ready to step up.

Now, the Rams are turning to Tyler Johnson to step up in Week 15.

While he is unlikely to be a primary target in the Rams offense, he has the ability to put up points, move the chains, and gain yardage.

He is not a speedster, so don't look for him to replicate the role of Tuta Atwell in Week 15. Rather, he is a sure-handed receiver who is more of a possession receiver than a deep-threat receiver. Since this is his first live-action in the Rams offense, the Commanders have no way to prepare to defend him. That could prove to be an advantage for the Rams.

While he is unlikely to be a major contributor in the Rams game planning for Week 15, keep him on your radar. We'll be sure to discuss his performance if he plays well after the game.