Yes, the New York Jets have reason to regret snubbing 2 Rams trade offers

The Jets did not budge in Round 1, despite two attractive trade offers from the Rams. Thank goodness they did not.
Las Vegas Raiders OTA Offseason Workout, Brock Bowers
Las Vegas Raiders OTA Offseason Workout, Brock Bowers / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

There is nothing so NFL and yet so invigorating than seeing the energy and mechanics of an NFL Trade offer gone astray. By every account, the LA Rams honed in on the New York Jets as a team that had multiple tradee offers from the team to move back to the 19th overall pick. As we all are well aware, teams that have taken offers in the past to trade back can just as easily trade back up in the NFL Draft, get the player that they originally wanted, but also pocketing extra picks in the process.

The LA Rams were turned away multiple times in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft. When the Jets were at the 10th overall pick, the Rams tendered their 19th (Round 1) and 52nd overall (Round 2) picks to move up to that spot, presumably to select Georgia TE Brock Bowers.

After the Jets agreed to trade back one spot with the Minnesota Vikings, the Rams made an even more tempting offer. In the second trade package, the team generously offered a Round 1 (19th overall), Round 2 (52nd overall) and Round 3 (99th overall) picks for the Jets 11th overall pick. The Jets said no to this more lucrative offer, and the rest was history:

While some Jets reactions have rationalized and justified standing pat at the 11th, the next video showcased some dissent with the Jets not being open to agreeing to three valuable Rams picks for the 11th overall selection:

Of course, from the LA Rams draft, the team was quite fortunate not to spend so many valuable picks to layer on another tight end to an already crowded tight end room on the Rams roster. Had the Jets done the unthinkable, who would the Rams have surrendered in the process?

  • 19th overall - OLB Jared Verse
  • 52nd overall -> Packaged to move up to 39 to select DT Braden Fiske
  • 99th overall - DB Kamren Kinchens

In the aftermath, the Rams dodged a pretty significant mistake, thanks to the help of the Jets front office.

On paper, that seems like a pretty expensive cost to the team. But who might the Jets have targeted with the same picks in their possession? Thanks to the Jets Talk embedded video above, we have some idea:

  • 19th overall - OL Troy Fautanu, Washington
  • 52nd overall - WR Malachi Corley, Western Kentucky
  • 73rd overall (Jets pick) - IOL Cooper Beebe, Kansas State
  • 99th overall - DB Kamren Kinchens, Miami

Will the Jets regret NOT taking the Rams trade offer? Some fans and bloggers are already voicing their regrets. After all, their satisfaction rests entirely on the hope that OT Olumuyiwa Fashanu out of Penn State can roar out to be a superb rookie left tackle for the Jets in 2024. That's a tough burden because his performance will be judged against at least three other rookie prospects, any of whom might have been selected by the Jets after being armed with the Rams' picks.

I fear that Jets fans will find more and more reasons to regret not accepting the Rams lucrative trade package. After all, the Jets lone selection, Olu Fashanu, will not compete directly with one to three other prospects. Rather, he will face the what if...? scenarios that will undoubtedly compare him to the best rookies remaining on the board at 19, 52, and 99.

I don't see how he can come out on top in that scenario.

As always, thanks for reading.