St. Louis Rams Logo Re-Design: Corporate Makeover


For some football fans, this weekend will come as a bit of a reality check. For the first time since August, they will wake up on Sunday knowing they will not be able to look forward to an NFL game being played. Some will turn their attention to dissecting free agency and the “needs” on their current roster. Others will aim their sight towards the Pro Days, the NFL Combine, and the 2014 NFL Draft in hopes that their team will snag the “next great” talent in the league. However, some choose to go down a completely different, significantly more creative, path…

Over the past week or so, Ramblin’ Fan has highlighted a handful of artists’ re-designs of NFL logos, teams, and helmets. In one, we showed several renderings by “Football As Football,” who transformed the St. Louis logo into several European-style soccer badges.  Next, we displayed the beautiful and creative work of John Raya, who re-designed all 32 teams with a Star Wars theme. In his new NFL, the St. Louis Rams were morphed into the Ryloth Twi’leks, a humanoid species with “brain tails” that prefer to dominate with intellect and cleverness, as opposed to outright brutality.

Now, a site called “Logo Remix” has re-styled every current NFL logo to mirror some corporate logo. In the case of the St. Louis Rams, they will now be paired with… Brooks Brothers!

For those who might not know them by their name or logo, Brooks Brothers is the oldest men’s clothier chain in the United States, and might be best known for customarily outfitting our the Presidents, from Abraham Lincoln up to Barack Obama. However, the history might not be quiet as important as how well their logo matches the Rams. I’d say it is pretty on point…

The rest of the NFC West did not come out with nearly the same “prestige” of the St. Louis Rams. The San Francisco 49ers were re-made in the likeness of the 7-Eleven convenience store chain, the Arizona Cardinals were blandly mirrored after Adobe, and the Seattle Seahawks were shopped onto the American Postal Service logo. Needless to say, the Rams appear to have won another re-designed logo battle within the division.

To check out of the renderings of all 32 teams, check out!