St. Louis Rams: Time For Greg Robinson To Start


With the second overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams selected Greg Robinson, an offensive guard/tackle with a very high ceiling. The only problem? We are four weeks into the season and the second overall pick has yet to make a single start.

With Blake Bortles making his first start last week with the Jaguars, Robinson is the only rookie drafted in the top 15 that has yet to start a game. Aside from some snaps on special teams, 10 snaps on offense, nine of which came in the first week of the season, Robinson has been basically non-existent.

Playing at guard for Robinson is free agent pick-up Davin Joseph who has struggled to say the least. According to Pro Football Focus, Joseph is the second lowest graded guard in the NFC(-5.6), has the lowest grade in pass protection(-7.6), has allowed the most quarterback hits in the NFL(5), and has allowed the sixth most quarterback hurries(5). All of these are the worst on the team.

“Davin has been solid. Good puller and really smart. Things don’t fool him.” – Fisher on G Davin Joseph

If anything, Robinson not playing is beginning to get quite concerning. Can Greg Robinson really do that much worse than Davin Joseph? Is he really that far behind?

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The St. Louis Rams drafted Robinson number two overall for a reason, and it wasn’t to sit on the bench. We knew Robinson would be raw and would struggle early, but he needs to work through those bumps.

I love Jeff Fisher and think that he is a great coach, but if its one area where he falters it is starting veterans over his young promising players. He’s doing it now with Joseph and Robinson and Ill even take it a step further and add him standing by starting Shuan Hill over Austin Davis.

The days of redshirting a first round rookie are over. This is a succeed now league, just ask Buffalo Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel. Joseph certainly isn’t earning his starting position, the stats and film simply don’t back it up.

The time to start Robinson is now. The St. Louis Rams are coming off of a bye week and have had an extra week to prepare for the Philadelphia Eagles. Les Snead and Fisher drafted Robinson number two overall and it’s about time that we see what we have in him.