Three Players The St. Louis Rams Should Trade Before The NFL Trade Deadline

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Tavon Austin

Now you can call me crazy if you wish as this one is more unlikely and would only happen if the Rams got an offer that they absolutely could not refuse. However, if you take a look at Austin’s production in two seasons, it doesn’t read former top-10 pick.

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The Rams have misused Austin which isn’t his fault, but there are teams out there that would use him properly and he could be a very successful player. Instead of running end arounds or jet sweeps with Austin, the Rams have used him as a running back to run up the middle. Austin did some work in the backfield in college at West Virgina, but not often did he run right up the middle like a normal 180-lbs running back.

For the Rams it has been the West Virginia receiver that they took in the third round that has been the more successful and shows the most promise. Austin is a good player, but he doesn’t fit what the Rams do, and when you take a player number eight overall, you expect a player that can do more than just be a threat in the punt return game.

Price Tag: 1st-2nd round pick

Possible Partners: Eagles, Jets