How Much Offense Will St. Louis Produce in 2015?

With the 2015 season in fast approach, the St. Louis Rams have transformed their offense into what many expect to be a lot better than years past. But, how much should we really expect as fans? Here is a look at where the Rams have ranked in total team offense of the course of the past few years.

2014 – 28th 314.7

2013- 30th 304.8

2012- 23rd 329.0

2011- 31st 283.6

2010- 26th 302.9

2009-  29th 279.4

2008 – 27th 287.2

2007 24th 297.5

2006 6th 360.4

The Rams haven’t averaged more yards a game than a Superbowl winner of that year since 2006. Since then, the Rams have ranked 23rd or worse. In that span, the Rams have made zero playoff appearances and had zero NFC West titles.

As a matter of fact, the Rams have won the NFC West just once (2003) since the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers left to join the newly formed NFC South in 2002.

I fully expect the Rams to finish somewhere in the teens this year in total offense, but history says otherwise. Nick

Foles is the best quarterback the Rams have had arguably since Kurt Warner. Marc Bulger had a solid career, but Foles has a much higher ceiling. Todd Gurley might be as good as if not better than Steven Jackson, but don’t expect them to do anything with the offensive line they have in front of them.

For whatever reason, Rams’ fans believe that rookies, who have never played in an NFL game will make an impact right away. And that they will “teach themselves.” That isn’t how offensive lines work. Look at the Falcons for example. They went from nearly going to a Superbowl in 2012 an a solid offensive line to one of the worst in the matter of seven months. They thought rookies like Lamar Holmes, Peter Konz would be able to fill voids that the team lost in the offseason. They were sadly mistaken.

And guess who they brought in to replace Michael Turner? Oh wait, that would be Jackson. We all know how that wen’t. Hard to run through holes when their aren’t any to run through.

So what makes you honestly think that two rookie starters will lead the Rams to their first playoff berth since 2004? In a division full of nasty defenses? Foles’ pure talent will be enough to bring the Rams’ offense to a level they haven’t reached in a few years, and Gurley will have a solid rookie campaign. But, you won’t see their full potential due to the fact that the Rams have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL.

As far as I see it, bringing in Foles and Gurley is wasting their time and potential. And it isn’t doing any good to have high expectations either. Take everything with a grain of salt. You will thank me later.