Which St. Louis Rams will get re-signed in 2016?


Heading into the 2015 NFL regular season, several big named St. Louis Rams are hoping for a new contract at seasons end. The biggest names on this list includes the following:

CB, Janoris Jenkins

CB, Trumaine Johnson

FS, Rodney mcLeod

OLB, J0-Lonn Dunbar

DT, Nick Fairley

WR, Brain Quick

QB, Nick Foles

Of the names on this list, who is expendable?

Reports of the Rams in talks with Nick Foles’ people lead us to believe that they are looking to lock him up long-term, which won’t be cheap. A long-term contract would likely cost St. Louis a cool 10 million per season, give or take a couple million. So, if that deal is destined to happen, who is the second biggest priority to re-sign?

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In my opinion that would be cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Jenkins has had a very solid career since being drafted by them in 2012, and is very worthy or a new contract to stay in St. Louis. This will cost them at the very least around 6-7 million per year. To put it into perspective, Houston Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph makes roughly 7.5 million per year. These two players in my opinion are very alike in the way they play, so you can bet Jenkins will want at least six million in his first season of a new contract with the possibility of it being back-loaded to upwards of eight.

Outside of these two, i’m not completely sure who the next guy in line would be. I would have to say it would be Brain Quick. The Rams are desperate for another great wide receiver and Quick has the potential to be that guy, but has yet to show it. A big 2015 may lead to a new lucrative deal that would keep him on the Rams for the foreseeable future, but that is all up to his production in my opinion. If he were to re-sign, that would cost the Rams somewhere between 5-6 million per season and possibly more. At the moment, we aren’t real sure how much he is worth.

That leaves Dunbar, McLeod, Johnson and Fairley. All four of these men are expendable if you ask me. I wouldn’t be surprised if all four leave, but I also wouldn’t doubt it if they all four returned. The most likely to return would be McLeod just for the sure fact that outside of him, there isn’t anyone else to play the position very well. Dunbar now has Akeem Ayers to deal with and Johnson, nor Fairley will start as of now. They both are rotational players that could easily take their talents to a team that needs them to start every down.

It will be interesting to see who is still in a Rams uniform come the start of the 2016 regular season. It makes for a very intriguing 2016 offseason.