Eric Dickerson: “I believe the Rams belong here”


“Here” is referring to Los Angeles.

Dickerson told ESPN,

"“Honestly, I’m hoping the Rams come back,” Dickerson told ESPN. “I do go to St. Louis, they’re still the Rams and the team I played for, but a lot of guys feel the same way. They’d like to have them back here in town. We need a team now, and I think the perfect fit would be the Los Angeles Rams … I believe the Rams belong here [in Los Angeles].”"

The Cleveland Rams moved to Los Angeles in 1946 after then owner, Dan Reeves, threatened to pull out of the league all together if his requested move was not permitted, so the league relented and became the Los Angeles Rams. The team was the first in the NFL to play in Los Angeles. The Rams would enjoy many successful seasons on the west coast, but the early 80’s were of the most noteworthy. Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson enjoyed some of his best seasons with L.A., which makes his above comments a little less surprising.

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Dickerson, who was drafted in 1983 our of SMU, would have a spectacular rookie season and go on to win Rookie of the Year honors. He would follow that up with his NFL record setting sophomore season when he rushed for 2,105 yards in a single season. A record that still stands. However, almost a decade later the franchise would be on the move again when in 1995 they jumped ship for St. Louis, MO.

Now the debate has been reignited and the argument to bring the Rams back to L.A.. All signs are pointing to the return of an NFL franchise to the city of angels, whether that is the Rams or another California based team has yet to be determined. However, it would appear Dickerson is in favor of allowing the Rams to head west.

"“If the Rams come, they have a great owner in Stan Kroenke, and it’s a different organization than when I played,” Dickerson said. “I just think it would be great. I don’t think you’ll find one person who will say L.A. shouldn’t have a team. If they do, they don’t like football. I think we do need a team here.”"

Earlier this year, Inglewood City council approved a $2 billion plan to build an NFL stadium. The plan included Rams owner Kroenke as a partner which swelled rumors even more. The 80,000 seat stadium would be built on the land once occupied by the recently demolished Hollywood Park.

Dickerson spent five years of his career with the Rams and his #29 jersey retired by the team.

NFL owners scheduled a meeting for August 11th to discuss relocation options. Cities include Inglewood, Carson, and stadium proposals in San Diego, Oakland and St. Louis.