Reports: Los Angeles Rams To Hold Open Quarterback Competition


If it’s one position in which the Los Angeles Rams have serious concerns it’s at the quarterback position. With Case Keenum, Nick Foles, and Sean Mannion on the roster, there isn’t a guy that jumps out as the starter. According to Alex Marvez of Fox Sports, the Rams will hold an open quarterback completion in 2o16.

According to Marvel, Snead said Tuesday that the Rams are planning to have all three of the quarterbacks on their current roster –€“ Foles, Case Keenum and Sean Mannion –€“ as well as any potential offseason additions battle for the starting spot.

The Rams have tried and failed at the quarterback position in the Snead and Jeff Fisher regime. While they started with Sam Bradford, they traded him last offseason for Foles. The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback struggled last season to the point that he was benched for Keenum.

In an interview at the Senior Bowl with Mark Dominik on Sirius XM NFL Radio Snead said,

“If I learned one thing last year we should have let the quarterbacks have a competition from the start and the best man win instead of just passing the torch to Nick. He obviously had a lot of success at Philly and it was proven so we brought him in. As you go through things with a new quarterback and he’s learning a new system there’s going to be some growing pains whether it’s in OTAs or training camp. You saw that a little bit but, hey, we open up and beat Seattle and went to Arizona and won. He did some good things for us. We just ran into a slump there in the middle of the year.”

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Snead also addressed the wide receiver position by saying, “We had a chance to win four straight at the end of the year. Every wide receiver that dressed out dropped one ball that day. You can’t have that.”

It’s nice to see that Snead sees the issues at the quarterback and wide receiver positions. With his level of concern, it will be interesting to see if and how he addresses those needs this offseason as it is clear that is what the team needs in order to move forward.

This also shouldnt come as much of a surprise. The quarterback position last season for the Rams was awful. Foles threw for 2,058 yards to go along with seven touchdowns and ten interceptions. Meanwhile, Keenum threw for 828 yards to add to his four touchdowns and one interception.  An open competition with preferably somebody new in the mix would be nice to see.

You can listen to the full audio of Les Snead discussing the quarterback situation below.