Sam Farmer on Peyton Manning Joining Rams: “It’s Very Intriguing”


One rumor that has been floating around the NFL has been the possibility that if Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning does come back that he would join the Los Angeles Rams. It is something that Adam Schefter has brought up as well as multiple radio shows.

Sam Farmer of the LA Times joined Ross Tucker who was filling in for Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss Peyton Manning’s possibility of coming back and signing with the Rams as well as the LA football situation as to the possibility of the San Diego Chargers or Oakland Raiders joining the Rams, and then finished with the Rams’ uniform situation.

After discussing the LA football situation and whether or not the Chargers or Raiders will join the Rams, the conversation of Peyton Manning came up.

Ross Tucker:Let me sell you on something that I was writing about this week, and you have to check out my column, Sam, if you didnt. But Im a believe, that if Peyton chooses to play, that he will be the starting quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams next year. Before I give you my reasons why, do you think there’s any chance of that.

Sam Farmer: Well, I think the Rams would certainly take a look at it because it would continue to generate interest. I think 40-year old quarterback, and I talked to Olivia Manning, his mom, after the game. She really wants him to retire. To me, talk of that creates a buzz. It’s a little bit like the Farmer Field situation where Farmer’s Insurance got a lot of free publicity because they talked about Farmer’s Field for three years and it never came to fruition. They never had to spend a dime. I dont think the Rams are going to tamp out that fire, because hey, it gets people talking about the Los Angeles Rams and Peyton Manning maybe playing there. You know, I just wonder if Peyton would want to come into a new system again, a new team, but then again, he does like Los Angeles he does like the entertainment industry.

RT: They have a ferocious defensive line, Sam, with a dominant player in Aaron Donald. That sounds kind of familiar. They’ve got a really good, you know, young running back, the offensive rookie of the year in the NFL. I think he’s going to retire, and Im sure you do as well, but if he plays, I think it’s going to be with the Rams.

SF: You know, its very intriguing and if he does continue to play, which is a big if, I think that would be pretty interesting. He’d go down in the file of you know, Franco Harris retiring with Seattle, Johnny Unitas retiring in San Diego, Joe Namath with the Rams, Tim Brown briefly with the Broncos, you know these guys you’d never associate, OJ Simpson with the the 49ers. Interesting sort of, it would be a Trivial Pursuit question.

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A point that Farmer makes that I find to be quite interesting is the Rams not killing this to create a buzz around the team in Los Angeles. Face it, that’s exactly what happening. You have people talking about the Rams now with Manning possibly playing for them.

While it’s probably not going to happen as Manning has nothing to add to his legacy. He just won a Super Bowl and would like to go out on top Id presume. It is an intriguing situation, but the fact of the matter is, it most likely isn’t going to happen anyway.

You can listen to the interview with Tucker and Farmer below. They go into the Rams uniform situation which is always a fun discussion. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Audio via DP Show