Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher: “We are going to be successful”


The Los Angeles Rams are going to have themselves a new home for the 2016, and an even better home when their brand new stadium is built for the start of the 2019, but will they be able to produce wins for the much awaited fans? Current head coach Jeff Fisher is currently entering his 5th season with the Rams, and has yet to have a winning record. It has been nothing but below average from Fisher who has a record of 27-36-1 with the Rams.

However maybe with the move to Los Angeles, it could spark himself and the team to finally have a winning record, heck maybe make the playoffs? Maybe I went to far with the playoffs, but a winning record is a must with the team’s relocation back to Los Angeles. Jeff Fisher joined AM 570 Los Angeles Sports Radio with Bill Reiter and Leeann Tweeden and talked about the return to the City of Angels.

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According to Fisher, he is not in the Los Angeles sun, but rather still in Missouri still packing along with fellow Rams players and staff. Fisher was also asked if he was excited about the potential move to Los Angeles during the season, but coach gave the typical answer everybody wants to hear. Fisher went on to explain that the main focus was about winning, and it was a rough second half of the season, but he wanted to calm down the locker room and win some more games.

Fisher was also the first to know about the teams relocation back to Los Angeles thanks to a phone call from Vice President Kevin Demoff. Fisher said the phone went along the lines of Kevin asking him if he wanted to coach the Los Angeles Rams, and of course Fisher agreed and that was that. Fisher was also excited about the opportunity of moving to Los Angeles with a team that is on the rise. “There’s a lot of work to do, but we are going to be successful”.

There were also topics discussed of Peyton Manning to Los Angeles, Free Agency, and much more. Want to listen to the full interview of Jeff Fisher on AM 570 Los Angeles? Click on the video below and enjoy!