Jeff Fisher Blames Injuries, Time Zones, Talks All-Time Loss Record

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher made more excuses for why the team isn’t performing well this season during his Monday press conference.

Round and round we go, where the wheel of Jeff Fisher excuses stops, no one knows.

The Los Angeles Rams head coach fired up another set of excuses after a brutal loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday in which the Rams mustered up just 10 points via  162 total yards of offense.

More Jeff Fisher Excuses

Right off the bat, Fisher went into how the Rams were missing players as his first excuse, despite leading with the statement that coaches don’t like to make excuses:

The Rams could have had Reggie White and Jerry Rice against the Pats and still likely would have lost.

Then there was this doozy about having to switch time zones, which every team in the NFL has to do at some point:

Seriously. He said that.

Just think, Rams fans, we only have to deal with this for another year or two (insert nervous smile emoji here).

Jeff Fisher on Team’s Reaction to Contract Extension

While Rams nation was in a state of severe depression following the news of Fisher’s contract extension, the players are apparently thrilled, per ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez:

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said his players were “really, really excited” when news leaked about his extension. He got a text from Dick Vermeil. “Great text from Dick. He absolutely loves Stan, and he said, ‘Congratulations.'”

Jeff Fisher on Rams Being Close to Contending

Fisher looked at the product on the field in Week 13 and concluded that this team is close to contending, also per Gonzalez:

“This team is very, very close. Very, very close. We need some more offensive production. We hope that in the very near future that’s going to be satisfied by Jared, because we feel obviously there’s need.”

That, my friends, is delusion at its finest. I guess we shouldn’t expect any less at this point. Don’t worry, another year or two will go by really fast.

Jeff Fisher on All-Time Losses Record

The Rams head coach is on the brink of being the biggest loser in NFL coaching history, but he wants you to know he’s actually won games also:

The Worst of the Rest