Rams may be settling into Aaron Donald holding out during regular season

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With Aaron Donald still holding out, Los Angeles Rams fans wonder when or if the signature player in the organization is close to getting in. To hear Sean McVay put it, that may be some time away.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay was asked yesterday, as he is everyday, about defensive tackle Aaron Donald. As he’s said with remarkable similarity to every other day, there is no news.

Adam Schefter at ESPN is reporting today this could last into the regular season.

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Something fans will need to get used to hearing.

At his presser yesterday, Snead responded this way when asked about his star defensive player:

"“I know that (general manager) Les (Snead) and his staff have been in dialogue with (DT) Aaron (Donald) and his agents and something that we’re looking to get solved. But, in the meantime, guys are getting better and I’ve been pleased with the way that our team has handled this. One of our great players that I know everybody would like to have around, but been really proud of the way that we’ve handled it as a whole and not letting it affect our ability to move forward while also respecting and appreciating how valuable he is to us.”"

Parse as you’d like, but you can’t find any reporting of the two sides getting close much less being close. Over the weekend, when asked by Alden Gonzalez at ESPN , General Manager Les Snead responded this way:

“Not any movement, There is hope. There’s hope that he’ll be a Ram a long time.”

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Not entirely ominous, but also an indication that this is still a slow-go, and may be for an extended period of time.

Distractions being what they are, holdouts are the kind that can dominate a preseason, especially when there is a lot of positive news. One upside to the Sammy Watkins trade beyond the obvious, is its moved the discussion to a place the Rams would like to be talking about: a much improved offense, or at least the potential of one.

How this progresses as the preseason moves along is anyone’s guess.

Donald has two years remaining on his deal with Los Angeles. He’s scheduled to make $1.8 million in 2017, and $6.9 million in 2018.