Jared Goff emerges as the pick the Rams had been hoping for


Los Angeles Rams quarterback finally notched his first win on Sunday, as LA hammered the Indianapolis Colts 46-9 in the Coliseum. But has he answered the critics? Maybe not, but it’s a start.

Los Angeles Rams rookie head coach Sean McVay looked like a guy who’d been there before. Pacing up and down the Rams sideline on Sunday, it seemed like a lifetime ago that this was a Jeff Fisher team just 10 months ago. But McVay isn’t the story.

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Jared Goff.

The best game the former No. 1 overall pick played last season was a 49-21 loss at New Orleans, when he went for 20 of 32 passing and 214 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

That’s when he was a winless quarterback, an 0-7 quarterback.

Goff is winless no more, and if yesterday is any kind of indication, the Rams have solved their quarterback problem AND their head coaching issues in one fell swoop. The second year QB was poised, patient, and accurate. He was what the Rams needed just at the nick of time.

Suddenly, Los Angeles looks to be a QB paradise. Say what you will about Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen, but Goff looked the part; a California guy in the quintessential SoCal city on a Sunday in the Coliseum.

Goff completed 21 or 19 passes for 306 yards. He also threw a touchdown to rookie fan favorite Cooper Kupp, and handed the ball to Todd Gurley for another. His passer rating was 117.9, and even more encouraging he didn’t throw an interception.

He was everything the Rams needed him to be.

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As bad as Los Angeles looked last season is as good as they looked Sunday. Yes, the Colts were bad on defense, but you can’t blame the Rams and Goff for exploiting that. Even had Andrew Luck been on the field yesterday, it’s hard to imagine Indianapolis winning. That’s how good LA played.

It’s only a single game, but it’s hard to imagine how important a second first impression can be. Goff took advantage of it.

Now he’s only got to do it 15 more times.