Seahawks vs. Rams: 5 questions with 12th Man Rising

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 15: Quarterback Jared Goff
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 15: Quarterback Jared Goff /

As the Los Angeles Rams prepare for a Week 5 showdown with the Seattle Seahawks, here are five questions from our friends at 12th Man Rising.

After a “statement win” last week over the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Rams return to the LA Coliseum for a division showdown with the Seahawks. Will the Rams quiet the critics who say a fall back to earth is imminent?

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What is the overall outlook of the Seahawks now that one quarter of the season is in the books?

The Seahawks are where they should be. Winning on the road against Green Bay and Tennessee in the first month of the season would have just been best case situations. Seattle also struggles out of the gate on the road. The issues this season are correctable. The defense has struggled with gap technique and the offense has not scored points, but has moved the ball well especially in second halves of games. Even losing on Sunday to the Rams would not be terrible. I think Seattle is in an ok position currently.

Where is the Seattle offense right now? Many NFL watchers have been critical of an offensive line that has issues protecting Russell Wilson.

Wilson has not had a good offensive line his entire career. The Seahawks always have moving parts. Seattle lost left tackle Geroge Fant in the preseason and had to replace him with unproven second-year guy Rees Odhiambo. In the second halves of the last two games, the line has formed a really good pocket for Wilson. The line has struggled more in run blocking, actually. Plus, Russell Wilson has always been a bit of a magician to do what he does and that is part of his game.

The offseason had some high profile players airing some differences. Has that been a distraction this season or was that overblown by the NFL media?

Pete Carroll has set up a culture where players have the freedom to be themselves. It would be a bigger problem if this suddenly stopped being the case. Seattle looks for players with outspoken natures and it works. Players understand that other players may disagree with them from time to time but the team remains unified. For example, Justin Britt may not agree with Michael Bennett’s politics, but there he is with his hand on Bennett’s shoulder during the National Anthem every week.

Seattle has been the standard bearer out west for a while now. Has a 3-1 Rams team this season caught the attention of Seahawks fans?

I think Seattle fans always feel doomed to some degree. They are proud of the Seahawks but expect their run of success to end at any point. 12s were probably expecting a tougher go from the Cardinals this year and the Rams are a bit of a surprise. But the Rams always give Seattle fits, so I don’t think the 3-1 record of LA has affected the way 12s see the Rams.

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If you told me one player to watch tomorrow who could have a game changing impact, win or lose, what’s his name?

Goodness, this is a tough question. The Seahawks defense has to work as a team to be successful. To me the key to the game is Kam Chancellor. He will have to help stop Todd Gurley plus help in coverage. Usually he can key more on the run or pass, but the Los Angeles Rams do both well. Chancellor needs to impose his style on the Rams underneath on Sunday. If he is a non-factor, the Rams win.

Lee Vowell is a co-expert at 12th Man Rising.