Rams Kupp a bigger impact than Watkins through seven games


Through seven games, Los Angeles Rams receiver Cooper Kupp has emerged as a preferred target for quarterback Jared Goff, leaving Sammy Watkins on the outside looking in.

Los Angeles Rams rookie Cooper Kupp has become “the guy” for second year quarterback Jared Goff through seven games in 2017. Frankly, when LA acquired wide receiver Sammy Watkins from the Buffalo Bills, I too fell to the hyperbole of the big, over the top home run potential I saw him to be.

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But that hasn’t materialized for the Rams, and after the first seven games, there is an absolute and undeniable chemistry and comfort level between Kupp and Goff.

It’s the eyeball test that says those two have something that doesn’t seem to exist, at least not yet, with Goff and Watkins.

It’s also the fault of neither Goff or Watkins. In a piece posted at ESPN, Sean McVay is quick to take the responsibility via his play calling in the game against the Seattle Seahawks, where Watkins noted his being invisible in the offensive game plan.

McVay also pointed out how the receiver could do a better job running his routes and where the coach missed some opportunities to get him involved.

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You just never see that with Kupp. For reasons purely organic, things sometimes click with some players and sometimes they don’t with others.

Through seven games, it’s hard to say that is the absolute case in LA.

But it does appear that the undeniable truth is that Kupp IS the preferred “go to” guy, over the veteran.

Sometimes that’s just how it works.

Nonetheless, Los Angeles is now in the envious position of having many quality weapons to deploy at the receiver position. Goff to Kupp has just been far more productive than Goff to Watkins so far this season.

It also doesn’t look to be something changing anytime soon.