Los Angeles Rams: 5 questions after franchise tagging Lamarcus Joyner

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2. Can Rams still convince Watkins to return?

Without question, there will be a handful of teams that reach out to Watkins in the coming weeks with the hope the speedy wideout can provide a spark to their receiving corps. Numbers wise, there were some Rams fans frustrated over Watkins lack of production after he only caught 39 passes, but when looking at the overall impact he made to the offense, this was the most important factor of all.

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Early on in the season, Watkins made it clear how frustrated he was for the lack of receptions he was making on a weekly basis before realizing his presence alone was benefitting some of his teammates. When looking at the speed Watkins possesses, opposing defenders knew how dangerous the wideout could be if he gained an extra step or two on opponents, which is why he would receive extra attention at times.

Thanks to this, Jared Goff was able to use the extra attention on Watkins to help get the football in the hands of other key players on offense, whether it was Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, or simply someone else. In other words, the argument can be made that Watkins was more valuable than some realize, and it’s easy to understand why the Rams would love another opportunity to continue having him part of the picture.