3 reasons fans should be excited about Rams meeting with Blake Bortles

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2. Bortles would be upgrade over Mannion

With all due respect to Mannion since the backup has never really been in the position where he needs to prove his value in a meaningful game, but there’s no question that Bortles would be a major upgrade at the position playing behind Goff.

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For starters, the experience factor alone gives Bortles a major advantage over Mannion since the former first-round pick has started 73 games over the last five years, although the 24-49 career record is far from impressive.

There’s no question that 2017 was by far the best season of Bortles career after finishing with a 10-6 record during the regular season while earning a trip to the AFC Championship as mentioned before, even if the defense was the main reason behind the team’s success.

Words can’t even describe the importance how much of an advantage some teams get when they are fortunate enough to land a backup quarterback with experience, and Bortles could certainly bring a ton to the table for the Rams.

Of course, the ultimate goal for Los Angeles if this scenario with Bortles were to happen would be that he never needs to see action in a meaningful game as a result of Goff staying healthy enough to always be under center, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.