Los Angeles Rams: 3 teams that can help playoff chances in Week 11

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3. Cardinals

Even though the Arizona Cardinals have been struggling at times in recent weeks after putting together a surprise three-game winning streak, this team could still play a spoiler role the rest of the way.

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When taking into consideration that Arizona was originally expected to go through a year of rebuilding while Kyler Murray adjusted to playing in the NFL, the Cardinals have actually looked better than most football fans expected in 2019.

With a tough matchup on the road scheduled for Sunday against a familiar face in the San Francisco 49ers, early indications would make it seem that Arizona will be in for a rough one, especially after Kyle Shanahan‘s squad recently suffered their first loss.

However, football fans remember well what took place on Halloween when the Cardinals nearly upset the 49ers, and if Arizona can find a way to play on that same level, there could be hope for Sunday.

Winning the division sounds like an absolute long shot for the Rams at the moment, but also there’s still plenty of time for the unthinkable to happen.

All Los Angeles needs is a little help from teams defeating the 49ers or the Seattle Seahawks, and maybe winning the division could be possible after all.