Lookback at LA Rams 2019 NFL Draft results one year later

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LA Rams NFL Draft
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The LA Rams are setting sights on the 2020 NFL Draft. How did the team do in the 2019 NFL Draft? Let’s review that 2019 NFL Draft a year later

The 2019 NFL Draft was a test of sorts for the LA Rams.  Emerging from a Super Bowl loss, paying for expensive player contracts, and addressing roster needs for a team already performing at a high level, but trying to get over the hump.

We’ve dissected the LA Rams 2019 NFL Draft twice: once focusing upon the domino effects of trading six times; the second time focusing on a scenario where the Rams hold on their original picks.  At neither time did we do the simplest and perhaps the most direct analysis of all, examining the results of the 2019 NFL Draft a year later.

Heading into the draft, Sports Illustrated listed the team’s needs as interior offensive line, cornerback, and edge rusher.  Curiously, those same positions appear on team needs in many 2020 NFL Draft projections.

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So how did the LA Rams do?  Did the team draft the best player available or a team need?  Sometimes predicting the future is simply a matter of tracking past history and following the line forward