Lookback at LA Rams 2019 NFL Draft results one year later

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Round 3 pick 97

Bobby Evans. 4. player. 815. . Offensive Tackle. Sooners

Oklahoma University offensive tackle Bobby Evans was a perfect example of why teams need to ensure a roster has adequate depth.  That depth turned into a starting role rather quickly into the 2019 season.  Evans is a 6-foot-4 312 pound offensive lineman who proved to be quite versatile for the LA Rams in a rather difficult season in terms of offensive line play.

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While Evans was not a standout, he was a rookie forced into a starting role a year sooner than expected.  That type of entrance into an NFL career typically leads to being demoted due to the inability to hold one’s own.  Fortunately for both the Rams and player, he did hold his own well enough to string together enough starts.  As the season progressed, Evans got better.

Evans took over for veteran right tackle Rob Havestein after he fell to a knee injury. Even though starting at a new position (he was solely left tackle in college),Evans actually played better than Havenstein. While he saw action in nine games, he started the last seven at right tackle.  By the end of the season, he had played in 473, or 43 percent, of the offensive snaps and allowed just one quarterback sack.

His PFF score was a modest 49.4, but that was actually slightly better than expected tue to the unique circumstances which forced Evans onto the field.   The 2019 playing experience was a huge fasttracking to his development.  Look for 2020 training camp to fill with stories about his good production.