Are LA Rams new coordinators: 3 wise men or 3 blind mice?

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Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead
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NFL design creates problems for good teams

The Rams were on a roll even into 2019 until repeated injuries at the same positions crippled the Rams’ chances to return to the playoffs. Even still, the Rams had drafted wisely by adding both OT Bobby Evans and OT David Edwards in the 2019 Draft. But early in the season, both were promoted to starting roles for the team, forcing the front office to add players from the practice squads of other NFL teams.

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Proximity to greatness is itself greatness minus good luck. Judging the quality of this team after one season where not everything went the Rams way is the worst type of entitlement in an NFL team’s fanbase.

Nothing comes easy. The system is designed to become tougher as a team improves.  Draft pick quality diminishes. The annual schedule becomes more difficult. Salary cap constraints tug harder. Retention of coaching staff becomes annual headlines.  The Rams are now a successful team, and all the challenges the team faces today were overcome by great teams in the past.

Great players recover from down seasons the following season. Great coaches make appropriate adjustments. Great front offices learn from past contractual snafus and become savvier going forward.  But through it all, the great teams do not abandon that which they do very well.