LA Rams complete 2020 restricted free agent ranking

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LA Rams Coleman Shelton
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C Shelton

C Coleman Shelton (ERFA) – As an exclusive free agent, Shelton will receive the minimum salary offer. Like Mundt, he will not be able to negotiate with any other NFL teams.

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Background – Coleman Shelton was a mid-season signing off the Arizona Cardinals practice squad to add depth to the offensive line in the midst of injuries.

Strengths – 6-foot-5 285 pound Coleman Shelton is an athletic interior offensive lineman. He is quick enough to lead sweeps and outside runs, but powerful enough to penetrate to secondary assignments on inside runs. The Rams have options to place either Austin Corbett or Brian Allen at the center. Shelton is healthier than Allen, and a more natural fit at center than Corbett.

Weaknesses – Of all of the LA Rams offensive line, Shelton is the one with the least experience. Arriving at the team mid-season, he never had the opportunity to train with his teammates. And singing on as added depth, he was the backup to the backup of a backup.  Now, as the linemen return to health, coaches may overlook Shelton in their fervor to reacquaint themselves with more familiar players.

Team Impact – If given a chance, I expect he will earn significant playing time with the Rams in 2020. He is well-experienced at the center, affording the offense a much better rushing offense, as well as picking up interior blitzes.

Hot. LA Rams will likely benefit from new NFL NFLPA CBA, if ratified. light

Estimated market value – Even a backup center can command $3 million per season.

Projected team action – The LA Rams will likely sign him

Most likely team to sign him – Unless the Rams are penny wise and pound foolish, the LA Rams will sign him.