LA Rams QB Jared Goff – Contract Situation and Trade Scenarios

LA Rams QB Jared Goff is both expensive and regressing. By exploring various trade scenarios, can the Rams correct both issues?

It’s obvious that LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff had a sub-par 2019 and that the Rams will be in a salary cap bind for the next few years. Running back Todd Gurley and QB  Jared Goff have enormous contracts that will count against the 2020 salary cap. Although the Rams may or may not have been rumored to have been shopping for Jared Goff, the possibility of salary cap relief exists. So, let’s take a look at what the Rams can do with Jared Goff’s contract.

The Rams will need to make some moves to brace themselves for a bright future. Mistakes have been made by overpaying and guaranteeing income with the Todd Gurley and Jared Goff contracts.

On March 19th, Jared Goff will be given his $21 Million dollar roster bonus for the 2020 season. As well as his $25 Million dollar salary for 2021 AND his $2.5 Million dollar roster bonus. Oh,  and on top of that, his $15.5 million 2022 roster bonus ALL become fully guaranteed and his dead cap figure will rise to $94 million (per Should/could the Rams consider a trade, where the team pushes his expensive contract to another team and lands some desperately needed draft picks and/or veteran players?

Indianapolis Colts QB Swap

In this scenario, the LA Rams Trade QB Jared Goff and their 2020 sixth-round pick (#199 overall pick)

Indianapolis Colts trade QB Jacoby Brissett, their 2020 second-round pick (#44 overall pick) and their  2020 third-round pick (#75 overall pick).

Jared Goff goes to a domed team at Indianapolis, Indiana and the Rams receive some draft picks as well as a bridge quarterback for the future.

The Indianapolis Colts have enough cap room to take on Jared Goff’s contract for the remainder of his deal. The Colts are also a team that needs a franchise quarterback and at the same time, the Rams will have a bridge quarterback and capital to possibly be able to select a quarterback in the 2021 draft.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade for a QB that turns the ball over less

In this scenario, the LA Rams trade QB Jared Goff and their 2020 sixth-round pick (#199 overall pick)

in return, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade their 2020 second-round pick (#45 overall pick) and 2021 first-round pick.

The Rams receive some picks for the next few years with the possibility of getting a QB like Justin Fields in 2021.

The Bucs have had issues with their quarterbacks for years. QB Jameis Winston has been consistently inconsistent. With the weapons that Tampa Bay has on offense, Goff would flourish. The Rams would be able to use the draft picks in both 2020 and 2021, can rid themselves of Jared Goff lofty contract, and at the same time prepare themselves for the 2021 draft. The Rams could draft a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft, and one of the veteran quarterbacks available in 2020 like QB Teddy Bridgewater, Phillip Rivers or even Tom Brady.

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Jared Goff reunites with his old Offensive Coordinator

In this scenario, the LA Rams trade QB Jared Goff to the Cincinnati Bengals. In return, the Bengals trade their 2020 second-round pick (#33 overall pick), 2020 third-round pick (#65 overall pick), and 2021 second-round pick. Right now, the Cincinnati Bengals are thought to be targetting the top-rated quarterback in LSU’s QB Joe Burrow. But Burrow and Goff and nearly identical, and this scenario allows the Bengals to get their franchise QB and still have the number one pick to deal with however they so choose.

It also allows Jared Goff to reunite with his former 2018 quarterbacks coach Zachary Taylor. Meanwhile, the Bengals can grab defensive end Chase Young with the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

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Coach Zac Taylor helped to coach Goff after his awful rookie season and left to take the Cincinnati Bengals job after the 2018 season. Since then, Goff had regressed in the 2019 season in his absence. Could Zac Taylor use his magic and help Jared Goff get back to his old form? At the same time, the Rams would receive draft picks and still be able to sign a free agent quarterback like I previously mentioned.

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