LA Rams UDFA LB Bryan London II following Littleton’s route to roster

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Despite the LA Rams full roster, the Rams may have added another sleeper at linebacker named Bryan London, who could follow Littleton’s path to the roster

The LA Rams remain active with young talent, and the team continues on their quest despite what appears to be a full house.  Appearances can be quite deceiving sometimes, as the verbal commitments made in the initial hours of the NFL’s mad dash to sign undrafted free agents remain subject to medical examinations, a team honoring its offer to a player, and the player honoring his promise to sign with that team.

Sometimes those commitments go awry.

Despite the Rams listing of 20 undrafted free agents, a team roster listing 68 players, and the upcoming addition of two kickers, news of additional players coming aboard the LA Rams roster continues. But this is one I’m all for. The latest news on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, is that the Rams have added Texas State linebacker Bryan London II, and yes, he is a great sleeper who could very likely make the team on his potential special teams’ play alone.

How can the Rams be adding a linebacker to the roster after making 90 players? Simple speculation is that London is so good, that he bumped another player off the UDFA signing list.

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While many undrafted free agents end up struggling to make a name for themselves, London is different. He stands 6-foot-2 and weighs in at 232 pounds. He hails from a small school, Texas State,  Despite falling under the radar as a linebacker from Texas State, he is listed on the 2020 NFL Draft top undrafted players. And he earned his listing there for good reason.

He was a great player at a very small school.

The name of the game for the LA Rams new defensive coordinator Brandon Staley is versatility on defense, and the lack of linebackers signed as UDFAs or drafted (just three total) gave the impression that the Rams would be going as-is into the 2020 season.

Yes, London is an undrafted signing by the team. But much like the path carved out before him by inside linebacker Cory Littleton, and more recently by linebacker Troy Reeder, London follows the LA Rams tradition of finding linebackers who excel among the ranks of undrafted players.

The method of getting defensive snaps is sound and logical. Be athletic, excel at special teams, step up when you get a chance to play defense, and always improve.  Bryan London is all about aiming at consistency, that challenge to avoid bad games.

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He was consistent with Texas State. In the game against Texas A&M, he was a standout for Texas State, covering almost the entire field and lowering the boom when he went in for the tackle. In a write-up by Pro Football Network Sun Belt Draft preview, he was given incredible compliments:

"“London is a tackling machine for the Bobcats, leading the Fun Belt in total tackles and solo tackles. College linebackers with a lot of production sometimes have underwhelming NFL Draft film, but that is not the case with London. London takes good angles to the ball and uses his power to take on climbing offensive linemen and send them back where they came from.London not only excels in defending the run but is very good in pass coverage. The Bobcats play a lot of zone coverage, and London takes excellent depth in his drops and shuts down the middle of the field”- PJ Green, Pro Football Network"

London is a premier college athlete, a young man who competed in football, basketball, track-and-field, and powerlifting.  He was the 59th-ranked linebacker by CBS sports, which is a solid showing for a player who practically nobody recognized before today.

He can play at any of the four 3-4 linebacker positions and can show up on special teams play as well. While he has a huge task ahead of him to even make the team’s roster amidst the crowded linebacker field, he has the right size and strength to show up. And his ability to defend both the run and the pass will quickly endear him to the coaching staff.

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Keep an eye on Texas State linebacker Brandon London II. If his work ethic in the pros is as strong as his college days, we’ll be hearing a lot more from him. Yes, he is just an undrafted free agent linebacker. But then again, so was Cory Littleton. And we all know how that turned out.