LA Rams: 5 Coaches who could possibly replace Sean McVay

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If the LA Rams moved on from Sean McVay, here are 5 potential new head coaches for 2021

The LA Rams certainly seemed to make the right hire at the head coach when the team selected Sean McVay. So far, McVay has not coached the Rams in a losing season.  Winning is the best insurance for a head football coach’s job security. Every once in a while, circumstances change the projected future. Suppose Sean McVay decided to accept his dream job at his college alma mater. Who would the LA Rams hire to replace him?

What if the new coordinators hired don’t pan out?  Or the new game plans, due to a zany 2020 offseason, cause the Rams to finish last in the NFC West? Would McVay be given another season to rectify the situation? Maybe, maybe not.

Historically, LA Rams head coaches do not have long term careers. John Robinson was the head coach for nine seasons. Chuck Knox coached eight seasons. Mike Martz lasted a little over five seasons. Head coach Dick Vermeil lasted just three seasons as head coach of the Rams before winning the Super Bowl and then quitting, citing burn out.

Burn out risk

Most of them last about four seasons or less. McVay begins his fourth season in 2020. Last season was a major setback after their 2018 Super Bowl appearance. That’s something that came up when Albert Breer interviewed McVay. “Burnout” was brought up, and in a way that suggested it was already starting to occur.

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You can expect that the Rams front office wants a successful season this season, especially with the opening of SoFi Stadium. McVay understands the new expectations for 2020, and the overwhelming pressure. Win cures everything. But winning burns out passionate coaches.

If the Rams and McVay should part ways, which direction would the LA Rams go to fill the vacancy? There are good head coaches in college football. The NFL has outstanding coordinators that should become head coaches. All they need is the opportunity.

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Here are five coaches who could possibly replace McVay.

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