LA Rams News: Madden ratings adjusters missed it by a mile

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LA Rams News: EA Madden 21 ratings missed Rams’ ratings by a mile

The LA Rams are getting a Rodney Dangerfield treatment on several fronts right now.  The team’s off-season is getting kicked around like a soccer ball. The Rams’ potent offense is not suddenly going to drop to insignificance. And this team is not suddenly going to become a basement dweller of the NFC West.  But perhaps the deepest cut is the ratings assigned to the LA Rams in the latest release of EA Madden 21.  I’m just going to start this off by saying this, get your eyeballs checked Madden raters. If you haven’t heard the news Electronic Arts released the ratings for every Madden player just yesterday and they dropped the ball when it comes to the Rams.

I will try to avoid nitpicking the small stats such as speed or catching but rather just a player’s regular overall rating to keep it simple. If a person isn’t highlighted in this article, it’s safe to assume Madden got the rating close enough to be right. With 53 active players are on the Rams’ roster, I focused on the key players who were way out of line.

Limited search to key veterans

It is too time-consuming to go through each player on the LA Rams roster, to say the least. So I didn’t.  On the same line of thinking,  I am also avoiding rookie ratings. Madden always seems to give them low ratings as they haven’t played a down in the NFL just yet. Because they do it for every rookie every year it makes no sense to argue for a player who hasn’t earned their stripes yet.

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But here at Ramblin Fan, we try to remain both objective and fair.  A broken clock gets the time right twice a day.  A blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.  So there are some things that Madden should be recognized for.  After all, even though EA has a lot wrong with their ratings they did get some players right. For that reason, we will start off with who wasn’t disrespected before we get into who was.