3 ways to optimize your LA Rams virtual football experience

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With limited to no seating options for LA Rams football games, here are 3 ways to optimize your virtual football experience

The LA Rams, like most NFL teams, are facing playing games before partial to no fans in the stands this season. While we’ve talked about that often enough, nobody has really talked about how to make this palatable for the loyal fans who must now be content to view games from the same quarantine spot that we’ve all been spending the majority of the past five months – at home.

But you are the king of your castle. So what’s stopping you from amping up that home-viewing experience?  Nothing but your imagination, time, and funds.  Since we understand tight budgets, let’s talk about the ways to convert your at-home game day into at-the-stadium game feel.  It actually doesn’t take that much.  Yes, it will take some time to set it all up and then break it all down again.  But it is definitely worth the effort to give your football time a proper setting.

Tailgate, schmailgate. Let’s REALLY enjoy the game this year

After all, by this time, we’ve coached up your game day tailgating aspirations. Hopefully, we’ve propelled your tastebuds past the casserole and microwave to new heights of cuisine. Now, let’s do the same for your aesthetics.  After all, a good football game, whether Sunday afternoon, Thursday, or even Monday night, should be the highlight of your week. To get there, you’ll need a boost though. A boost of some extra preparation. Much like a minor makeover for a birthday party, or having friends over. But only include the persons according to the current pandemic protocols, please?

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Still, there are plenty of opportunities to infuse a bit of game day stadium feel into the chambers of your very own living, family, or entertainment room. It just takes a bit of imagination, a bit of elbow grease, and a prestocked refrigerator.  To start off, let’s be sure that you’ve donned your LA Rams gear for game day. Hats, shirts, hoodies, if you’ve got it, wear it.  True performers wear costumes, a night out on the town means dressing up, so why not for game night?  In fact, even Ramblin Fan has some great Rams merchandise for the asking from Minute Media. There, doesn’t that feel better? Good. Now, let’s look into getting you into the right ambiance.