LA Rams players snubbed by NFL Top 100 list

The LA Rams roster boasts several players who deserved to be named among the NFL Top 100 list

The LA Rams team is not getting much respect in the NFL right now. Despite the challenges of an oft-injured offensive line and a defensive backfield which as restocked on the fly, the Rams just missed earning a playoff berth in the NFL Playoffs.  So why not omit the Rams players for the NFL Top 100 list to be consistent? So that is exactly what has transpired. Despite Rams QB Jared Goff ranking third in the NFL with 4,638 passing yards, he was not worthy

Somehow, the ranking is no longer about a player’s production. Nor can it be about a player’s ability to rise above team deficiencies. After all, Goff had the benefit from the 26th ranked rushing offense in 2019, and the 31st ranked offensive line last season.  That seems to set the stage for individual player heroics. Instead, the list completely dropped Goff from the list and plopped on quarterbacks who barely moved the needle in productive yardage, but have electrified their fanbases. Who did make the top 100?

43. Jimmy Garapolo  (12th)
46. Dak Prescott  (2nd)
58. Kirk Cousins (16th)
68. Ryan Tannehill (28th)
87. Josh Allen (23rd)
90. Kyler Murray (15th)

Wacky wide receiver list

On a similar front, NFL receivers were not given much weight in terms of receiving yards.   If they were, LA Rams Robert Woods would have made that list. Cooper Kupp, who ranked 12th in yardage, was ranked 89th on the list.  Rober Woods, who ranked 16th in yardage, never made the NFL Topp 100 list.  Instead, these receivers made the list:

5 – M. Thomas (1st)
8 – D. Hopkins (11th)
11 – J. Jones (2nd)
22- T. Hill (36th)
30 – M. Evans (13th)
38 – C. Godwin (3rd)
49 – A. Cooper (8th)
54 – S. Diggs (17th)
57 – D. Adams (30th)
59 – OBJ (26th)
61 – J. Landry (10th)
65 – T. Lockett  (22nd)
69 – L. Fitzgerald (40th)
77 – K. Allen (6th)
81 – DK Metcalf (34th)
89 – C. Kupp (12th))
93 – A. Robinson (14th)

I know that any list of ranking players will have some elements of subjectivity. That’s to be expected. But It appears to be too much to ask to have some semblance of production to back up the rankings.  Odell Beckham Jr. was a pale version of his former self, yet ranked 59th in the list. Meanwhile, Robert Woods, who recorded over 1,000 yards, was left off?

Rams players who deserved NFL Top 100 consideration

LA Rams players certainly had an uphill battle in 2019. And winning the attention and respect of your peers takes time. But here are several players who did enough to earn an honorable mention for the NFL Top 100 list. Tight end Tyler Higbee was the most productive receiver in December 2019. His 522 yards were the best for the month for any receiver.  Safety Taylor Rapp stepped up in his rookie season and tied for the team lead in interceptions.  And finally, cornerback Troy Hill took over for injured veteran Aqib Talib, and actually played better than his injured teammate.

Where the salt was shaken into the wound was the glaring exclusion of both Robert Woods and Jared Goff. Both players excelled at their position in less than optimum conditions. Both players have consistently been productive, so it’s not a matter of a Johnny-come-lately being shut out for a season until the player proves they can repeat that performance. Hey, nobody is holding either player up for the top spot. But seriously, If it’s a popularity contest, then call it that and be done with it.

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Yes, rankings stir up discussion and debate. Rankings poke the team pride of fans to wade into the grey controversial areas to argue the 48th vs. 49th rankings of division rivals. That’s all part of the fun.  But omitting players who statistically excel, while ranking players based on name recognition, it not the way to go about taking a ranking seriously. And over time, that lack of credibility makes everyone lose interest.

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